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several disco balls hanging from the ceiling with flowers on them and decorations attached to it
THE DYE HOUSE | Leah + Ed — Boston + Newport Wedding Florist | Sweet Talk Floral
several spanish cards with pictures of children's books and crayons on them
For incorporating a phrase of the week or "frase de la semana" into middle / high school Spanish. Would be a cute bulletin board... By Sol Azúcar #learnspanishforkids
a blue and white poster with words on it that read smart learning for small groups
Seating arrangements for foreign language class based on activity types
a wooden table topped with lots of pink cards and a clock on top of it
Great idea, but would use this for something other than Spanish. Use it in a sentence- spell it- define it-write it... different points for each. Could make a spinner or use dice. For students to play in groups. One person reads the card to the person who's turn it is
an ornate blue and gold building with two doors
Casablanca, Morocco - Maroc Désert Expérience tours
the spanish worksheet for children to learn how to say ser o estar
Free Spanish worksheets: SER O ESTAR. For some of these, either ser or estar would work depending on the context of use. You could have kids write a note about how the message changes based on which verb is used.
foreign language vocabilary activity for kids to learn english and spanish with pictures
Everyone to the Table: Foreign Language Vocabulary Activity
Everyone to the Table: Foreign Language Vocabulary Activity. This would work well with all my memory/concentration cards.
the spanish language worksheet is shown in two separate sections, each with different words and
Pedir y dar direcciones.
Me encanta escribir en español: Pedir y dar direcciones.
the spanish language is used to describe people in different languages
Descripción física y emociones
¡Hoooooooooola a todos! Ya estoy por aquí otra vez…¡por fin! Últimamente estoy viendo con algunas de mis clases la descripción. Como estas últimas semanas no tengo mucho tiempo, he estado bus…
some paper work with scissors on top of it and the words sentence building la casa
Sentence Building in Spanish: La Casa - Spanish Playground
Sentence building in Spanish helps kids learn to read and is vocabulary practice for Spanish learners. Free sentence building activities with house words.