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Кашпо из бетона
Как-то был запрос, как сделать большое бетонное кашпо. Хочу представить вам один из вариантов изготовления ☝️ #кашпо #lexie404k #шедеврально
an old woman holding up a paper mache clay for outdoor sculptures
Weatherproof Paper Cement Clay For Outdoor Sculptures • Ultimate Paper Mache
cement vs concrete find out the differences and how to use it in your home or business
Cement Vs. Concrete: Helpful Guide to Learn the Difference
Curious about the difference between concrete and cement? There is a difference, though it can be confusing since the terms are often used interchangeably. This simple guide has the breakdown on the difference between the two and everything you need to know to use them in your DIY projects.
Woodworking Whiz? Check Out These Tips and Clever Tricks
#WoodworkingTips #DIYWoodworking #WoodworkingProjects #WoodworkingHacks #WoodworkingTechniques #CraftingTips #WoodworkingIdeas #WoodworkingSkills #WoodworkingInspiration #WoodworkingMastery
a man digging dirt into a wheelbarrow with the caption do you want to make your own concrete? but don't know the correct ratios let me teach you
What are the Correct Concrete Mixing Ratios - Ratio Chart
the steps to make a diy river rock doormat
Make An Incredible DIY River Rock Doormat in 7 Steps - The Owner-Builder Network
How to Make a DIY River Rock Doormat Feel close to nature through this creative floor mat.
Handmade Cement Fence DIY
a concrete fountain surrounded by rocks and plants with text overlay that reads diy concrete fountain
How to Make a Concrete Fountain Orb
This DIY concrete garden fountain is such a fun addition to our outdoor space. It's a working fountain and the chic orb shape fits in with any decor. This cost a fraction of what a concrete fountain would cost at the store and wasn't nearly as hard to make as I was expecting. #concrete #quikrete #gardenfountain #concreteproject #diyfountain