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the city is surrounded by tall buildings and snow covered mountains in the distance, with people walking on the street below
Awesome view of Catania and Mount Etna, Sicily, #Italy.
the beach is lined with white cliffs and people swimming in the blue water, on a sunny day
Why Scala Dei Turchi Beach is the #1 Must-See Beach in Sicily • Svadore
A natural wonder of the world: Scala Dei Turchi bathes in sunlight and is surrounded by seductive blue, turquoise and azure waters and endless pebbly beaches and private, rocky, seaside nooks along the coast. You know when you see one of those dream travel destinations on Instagram and think to yourself—”OMG, where is that?! I have to go there.”—well, Scala dei Turchi or the Turkish Steps in Agrigento, Sicily is one of those locations. Read about the #1 must-visit beach on travel blog SVADORE.
four different views of the ocean with people walking on it and snow - covered cliffs in the background
15 of the World's Most Unique & Awesome Beaches
The Scala dei Turchi is a beach in southern Sicily that translates to the Stair of the Turks. The name makes sense as the cliffs are naturally formed into brilliant white stairs, though I am not entirely sure why the Turks get ownership credit (supposedly because the Turks crawled up these steps during an invasion). This unique beach is a can’t miss. Click through to see 15 more of the world's most unique & awesome beaches!
people are walking on the beach near white cliffs
Top 10 Photos Of Wild And Wonderful Beaches
Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy
a river running through a lush green forest
Cava Grande, Sicily[OC][3456x5184]
Cava Grande, Sicily
a person sitting in the middle of a body of water with rocks on both sides
Alcantara Gorge « | Gary Pepper Girl
Alcantara Gorge | Sicily, Italy
two people are walking on the beach next to white cliffs
Scala dei Turchi, Sicily | Photo by Myriapod. | D'Angelo Market
Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Steps), Sicily. If you find yourself at the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily, be sure to travel just 15 minutes to this spectacular Southern coastal sea line at Realmonte. A haven for private, but public, beach-goers and irresistible for photographers, Scala dei Turchi is another prized jewel of this dynamic and unique island.
an aerial view of the beach and ocean with people walking on it, taken from above
Aerial photographs of the world show satisfying symmetry and colour
"Scala dei Turchi" (The Turkish Steps) is a white cliff in Realmonte (Sicily) made of a soft limestone and a blinding white marl. Natural erosion has created steps on the cliff face, making it look soft and sinuous, like a Big Meringue covered with sprinkles (the people sitting and walking on it). Only after shooting this image, while watching it on a bigger screen, I noticed a newlywed couple in the frame kissing for their wedding photoshoot. Exactly at the edge of the cliff. Copyright: © Plac