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a mobile phone screen with several avatars on the display and buttons to select which character you want
Daily UI 19 - Leaderboard
Daily UI 19 - Leaderboard by Dominik Czank on Dribbble
three mobile screens showing different types of people's avatars and the texting process
Quiz Details, Invite Friends & Profile Screen
Quiz Details, Invite Friends & Profile Screen by Illiyin Studio on Dribbble
two smartphone screens showing the results of each game, one with an image of a woman's face on it
two mobile phones with different user profiles on the screen and one showing people's avatars
momo member center design by Chahua on Dribbble
Leader board Screen with top three rank holders on the top ,rank list on the bottom and your rank in the center. Desing App, App User Interface, Ux Kits, Friends Workout, App Interface Design, Led Board
Leader board UI
an image of a phone screen with people on it
Leaderboard | Daily UI
Leaderboard | Daily UI by Duc Nguyen
the app is displayed next to an iphone with a user's badge on it
Popups by Aryana Shakibaei on Dribbble
two screens showing the same user's name and number on each side of them
Victory/Failure Screens
Victory/Failure Screens by zara magumyan on Dribbble