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a sign that says planning a trip to europe your 10 - step guide over a cityscape
Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide
From Spanish tapas to Roman piazzas, your European adventure awaits! But first, let's tackle the to-do list. We've crafted a guide with 10 simple steps to help you plan your dream trip to Europe. Photo by dreamer4787 | Adobe Stock
Gazi, Crete
Gazi, Crete is known for its lively atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and rich history. Just a short drive from Heraklion, it offers a mix of traditional Cretan culture and modern amenities. ❤️ Would you like to visit Gazi?
🏞️ Varenna, a charming village on Lake Como's eastern shore in Italy, invites you with its picturesque beauty and traditional charm. ❤️ Would you like to explore Varenna?
a poster with the words 5 affordable european cities for your spring getaway on it
5 Affordable European Cities for Your Spring Getaway
🌸 Explore 5 Budget-Friendly European Cities this Spring 🌸 1-Sarajevo | 2-Budapest | 3-Krakow | 4-Bucharest | 5-Sofia Photo by Mazur Travel | Adobe Stock
🌞 Best 5 Things to Do in Santorini 🌞
1️⃣ Visit Pyrgos 2️⃣ Hike from Fira to Oia 3️⃣ Discover Fira 4️⃣ Explore Akrotiri 5️⃣ Explore Santorini's Wineries
an old town is surrounded by trees and buildings
Siena, Italy
The beauty of Siena 💚 Photo by f11photo | Adobe Stock
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😍 How to Spend 3 Perfect Days in London 😍
Day 1️⃣ 🏛️ Westminster Abbey 👑 Buckingham Palace 🏰 Tower of London Day 2️⃣ 🌈 Camden Town 🌳 Regent's Park 🏺 The British Museum 🌉 Tower Bridge 🏙️ The Shard Day 3️⃣ 🏡 Notting Hill 🦕 The Natural History Museum 🌳 Hyde Park 🛍️ Oxford Street 🌆 Soho 🎭 Covent Garden 💼 Save this post for your next trip and explore London like a pro! Photo by Horváth Botond, Sergii Figurnyi | Adobe Stock
an image of the northern sky with text that reads 10 reasons to make norway your next vacation
10 Reasons to Make Norway Your Next Vacation
Your Instagram feed may be full of the picturesque fjords and fishing villages that dot Norway’s coast, but Norway is probably still not on the top of your bucket list. It should be. While Norway is one of the pricier European destinations, its offerings are well worth the price tag. And with new nonstop routes from the East Coast of the U.S. to Oslo, Norway is becoming more accessible than ever.
colorful buildings with the words where to stay in sweden on it's front cover
Where to Stay in Sweden: Lodging Tips
Swedes seem to take such a high level of pride in maintaining quality lodging that even the most humble hostel or country cottage feels like a special hideaway. And that’s not even taking into account the magnificent lakeside castles and sylvan manor houses that open their doors to overnight visitors. Thanks to the rigorous oversight of Sweden lodging associations that gauge hotels, inns and farmstays, you will find that even the most basic properties here are fit for a king.
a yellow castle with clouds in the background and text that reads portugal travel guide what to do
Portugal Travel Guide: What to Do in Portugal
Best known for its preserved medieval towns and wild coastline, Portugal has been making a cultural resurgence in recent years. Suddenly, the country once stuck in hundreds of years of history is hip again! Lisbon has built a reputation as a modern art capital. One-of-a-kind boutique hotels are popping up in unlikely places. And the country’s most famous product has turned into a hot eco-chic export. Click through our slideshow to see some of the newest and coolest experiences you can have
the top european cities to visit in 2020
9 Best Places to Visit in Europe this Year (2020 Edition)
Ready to find your inspiration? Here are nine of the best places to visit in Europe this year, and some of the many reasons you should go.
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs
Tuscany Travel Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Eating in Tuscany
Food plays a vital part in making the Italian lifestyle special, but I’ve noticed there are key things visitors sometimes misunderstand when they travel to Tuscany.
people sitting at tables in front of a building with a sign that says tipping in germany
Tipping in Germany: The Germany Tipping Guide
Tipping in Germany is not a common practice across the country. There is, however, a time and place for tipping in Germany.
a large building with stairs leading up to it and the words where to stay in germany
Where to Stay in Germany: Lodging Tips You Need to Know
With so many tempting possibilities, deciding where to stay in Germany can turn into a dilemma. Should you choose ultra-modern hotels or charm-filled historic properties? Should you dream away your nights at country inns, fairytale castles, or pampering spa resorts? Even if you’re on a budget, Germany’s lodging options include hotels, B&Bs, and hostels that are among Europe’s very best. Or, for a change of pace, you can spend a few days on a farm or a countryside vineyard. Can’t choose?
purple flowers in front of a bridge with text that reads, the most memorable places to visit
Affordable Europe in the Spring Shoulder Season: Where and Why You Should Go
Why Visit Europe in the Spring Off-Season? If you’ve ever taken a trip to Europe in the spring, you probably saved some money on airfare and didn’t encounter swarms of crowds at popular attractions. You also probably had more affordable accommodation options, as hotels and vacation rentals weren’t booked full.