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throwing a chip and dip bowl on the potterywheel
Throwing a chip and dip bowl on the potterywheel.
three white vases sitting next to each other on top of a table with leaves
Speckled Stoneware Bedside Carafe Set | Artisan Crafted Ceramic
Nestled by your bedside, our Speckled Stoneware Bedside Carafe Set transforms the act of hydration into an indulgence. Each piece, artisanally crafted from stoneware with a speckled glaze, bears the unique imprint of its creator’s hands. This set is a statement of beauty, bringing the sophistication of a luxurious spa to your home. Its earthy, natural aesthetic complements any decor, adding a subtle touch of elegance to your personal sanctuary or guest room. Key Features: Artisan Craftsmanship:
a hand holding a ceramic cup in it's palm
Reverse Nicola Pottery Vase
"Nicole Vase. Hand thrown and trimmed on a potters wheel. Made from speckled clay with glossy glaze. Running your fingers over the exterior you can feel the smooth raised outline of the pattern which provides a rich visual and textural contrast to the raw clay showing through. 4\" Wide x 5\" Tall Note: Only one of these vases was made. Listing is for exact vase pictured."
How to make a mini pitcher ❤️
How to make a mini pitcher ❤️ ••• Follow @hodupottery for more!
@ange_ceramics. Journey of a Mug Years of practice
Credit: @ange_ceramics!
a hand holding a cup next to a clay cone
Drinkware: Buy Glass Water bottle, Jug, Tumbler, Water Dispenser Online
a person holding a white bowl in their hands
MADE TO ORDER handmade large white bowl / rustic salad bowl / ceramic baking dish / ceramic casserole dish / large serving bowl / Pottery
A large serving bowl glazed in rustic matte white, with an unglazed rim that enhances the natural clay. This bowl is very versatile, you can use it as a fruit bowl, for serving salad or in the oven as a baking dish! This item is made to order, production time is approx 1-4 weeks. Each piece is made in the Nordic Pottery studio in the south of Sweden. First it is thrown on the potters wheel and then trimmed after a couple of days. After that it is fired in a bisque firing, glazed, and then once a