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a black and white photo of a man smiling for the camera with text that reads, lama lonsdale's personal gift guide gear that keeps up with your hustle
Photographer Liam Lonsdale’s Personal Gift Guide
Top Gift Picks for the Adventure Photographer in Your Life
someone holding up a christmas card with the text, 20 % off holiday cards with code smumug
20% off holiday cards with code SMUGMUG, now through December 15. Skip the hassle this holiday season. Create a custom card with Chatbooks. 20% off holiday cards through December 15.
a woman holding up a family photo in front of a laptop computer with the caption smugmug celebrate family shareable family history made easy
Giving the gift of many lifetimes.
Celebrating family history just got a whole lot easier. Learn how to create your own family history site using SmugMug.
a man is holding up an image of meat and vegetables on the counter with text that reads, get creative make your own cookbook
Now you’re cooking: A homemade cookbook, that is.
Get creative by using SmugMug to create a digital cookbook for all of your favorite family recipes. #giftideas #holidays
a woman holding a coffee mug in her hands with the caption holiday tips a guide to all the best little gifts
Giving small for all: A guide to our best little gifts.
Big or small, gift planning made easy right here at SmugMug. #giftideas #photography #holidays
a woman pointing to a poster on a brick wall with the words prints are personal give them one they'll actually like
Prints are personal. Give them one they’ll actually like.
Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, it's the memories attached to them that make them special. Find the perfect gift for someone you love, today. #giftideas #photography #holidays
a woman walking up some stairs with a backpack on her back and the caption says, gift bundle the perfect gifts for any photographer
Put together a gift package for your favorite photographer.
Put together a gift package for your favorite photographer. #Giftideas #Photography #holidays
an advertisement for samsung's new smartphones with pictures of two people kissing and the caption reads, new traditions making memories last forever
New traditions: Making memories last forever.
Whether it's a vacation or your wedding, you can create beautiful photobooks to celebrate all of life's spectacular memories. #photobooks #giftideas #creativegifts
a photo frame and some halloween decorations on a table
Get those photos out of your phone and into your home.
Turn those photos on your phone into the perfect gift. #giftideas #prints #creativegifts
the smugmug gift guide is on display next to some candy canes
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All the essentials you need to help make your gift planning easier than ever. #giftidea #gift #giftguide