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a wooden box filled with lots of different types of tea next to a cup and saucer
Solaris Botanicals * Certified Organic * No added aromas or flavours * Packaging Biodegradeable & Sustainably Sourced * 13 Great Taste Awards * Winner of Best Young Company at The National Enterprise Awards 2013 * Best Irish Organic Grocery Product 2007 & 2008 * Galway Entrepreneur of the Year Award * Semi-finalist in the World Awards for Creative Young Entrepreneurs * Euro-toque Food Award 2009 * Bord Bia 'Best On Trend' Award 2010 #Galway #LOCALGalway #BUYGalway
tea bags filled with various types of loose leaves
I always think tea tastes better in these little mesh bags, compared to the usual tea bags, these ones are from Solaris Tea and are environmentally friendly too!
organic rootboss chocolate chai
Solaris Tea - Finest Quality Organic Specialty Tea
(Had this in Ireland, VERY yummy, must order some) Tea Shop, Solaris Organic Rooibos Chocolate Chai at
six tea bags with different types of herbs in them
Funnily enough I drink this tea when in places like Insomnia (thanks for the photo from I love the little bags made from clear fabric (organza?) and you can see the ingredients clearly.