A baby card

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a card with a teddy bear holding a heart shaped balloon on it's chest
a card with an elephant, duck and giraffe design on the front in pink
a card with a teddy bear in a bathtub and rubber ducky on it
a close up of a greeting card with a teddy bear on it's back
a handmade card with baby shoes and teddy bears on the front, in pink
some cards are laying on a table
a card with an elephant and hot air balloon
two tags with teddy bears on them are hanging from clothes pins, and the tag is attached
a card with two baby ones hanging from it's hooks and the words it's a girl
a card with clothes hanging on a line and a tag attached to the front of it
Papierowe chwile zielonejliszki
there are many animals in the boat on this paper cutout card that is ready to be used as an ornament
Circle Step Baby Ark