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a garden with steps leading up to the trees
9.5" Height Flexible Steel Edging - Weathering
Straightcurve’s 9.5" Weathering Steel Edging has so many uses. Great for flowing lines, raised curved feature gardens, terracing a gentle slope and created curved step faces. Folded lip, no sharp edges. Notched lip system for increased flexibility and consistent flexible behavior. Weathering Steel Edging in the style of CorTen arrives prior to rusting occurring and appear in a black/gray color at first. Rusting time after install will depend on weather conditions in your area. Dimensions 9.5 ...
an outdoor garden with lots of flowers and trees
18 Beautiful Slope Garden Ideas for Planting on Hillsides and Other Uneven Ground
a garden with purple flowers and green plants in the center, along side a building
Medina Midcentury Modern Elegance — Spring Greenworks
a garden with rocks and plants in the foreground, including red leaves on trees
These 15 Maple Trees Will Add Vibrant Color to Your Yard
some plants are growing on the side of a house in front of a porch with rocking chairs
Garden Grace: Front Yard Ecstasy recycled garden fall garden vegetables fall garden river rock.
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a garden with rocks and plants in it
Landscaping with River Rock & Dry River Rock Garden Ideas
a small garden with rocks and plants in the center, along side a home's driveway
What is a Dry Stream Bed
Dry Steam Beds (Dry Creek Beds) can be functional. If constructed properly they can drain water - especially after heavy rains. We have seen dry stream beds start right at the downspout of a gutter and travel out and away from the house. These creek beds are lined with plastic, or rubber pond liner. Rainwater drains into the bed and is moved away from the house - either to a lower area in the yard - or sometimes out to a street and storm drains (see picture below).
two pictures with different types of rocks in the ground and one has red tape on it
20 Easy DIY French Drain Installation Guides To Save Money
a stone path made out of rocks in the middle of a field with trees and bushes behind it