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Mindset by Dive Studios is an app that supports wellness and self care. Has stories from a variety of artists K-pop and more western. www.Getmindset.com or your…
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a woman in pink is posing with her hands on her head
[📸] 민니 (MINNIE) X Mindset by DIVE Studios
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[📸] 소연 (SOYEON) X Mindset by DIVE Studios
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svt contents on Twitter
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Mindset by DIVE Studios on Twitter
a cell phone with an ad for mindset on the front and back cover, which reads'life lessons from your favorite artists sometimes we don't need advice
Mindset app
Wellness/selfcare/pop culture
a young man sitting on the ground with his hands behind his head, wearing jeans and a yellow shirt
Eric Nam (에릭남) on Twitter