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a cat sitting on a window sill next to a pan
Soul of Simplicity
a white curtain hanging from the side of a window
Wendy and Peter
an empty room with large windows and plants
I would kill someone for this room.
two windows in a dark room above a wooden table
just light a candle, more than a few candles, and still in the quiet, just for a bit, and breathe.
an ornately decorated wall with gold paint
Paris: XXV
an ornate blue and white painted wall in a room
Ghost Writer
a window with some lights on it
an open door leading to another room with checkered flooring on the floor and walls
Trine Søndergaard
an open door in a dark room with light shining on the wall and flooring
an open door with the light coming through it's glass panes and casting a shadow on the wall
a chair sitting in front of a window
Hildene / David Fuller Photo (by TheFullerView)
an advertisement for french doors with ornate designs
all the king's houses & all the king's men
all the king's houses & all the king's men
an ornate door handle is seen in this image
an old door handle with spanish words on it and a quote from the book el si de dios vale mas que los no del mundo entero