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a pink stool sits in front of a mirror and vanity with a gold lamp on it
Katharaine Paravicini | Dutch Gable Townhouse
a bed room with a painting on the wall
Villa Santo Sospir, Part II: Lower Floor, Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Wall decorated by Jean Cocteau, Villa Santo Sospir
a living room with couches, chairs and a fire place in the middle of it
Villa santo sospir artist jean cocteau France
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall next to a fire place
La Villa Santo Sospir
a round mirror hanging on the wall next to a white wall with a painting in it
Anish Kapoor
"Moodboard Light Green" by the Interior-Design-Blog…
a close up view of a blue glass plate
Mirror Object by Christophe Gaignon, France, 2015
two mirrors mounted to the side of a wall next to each other on a wall
10 Amazing modern interior design mirrors for your living room