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two pictures with the same person holding a knitted object in their hands, and one has
Knit Toy Shrimp Free Knitting Patterns - Knitting Pattern
yarn ball with text that reads from scrap yarn to magic ball learn how you can make a brand new project using old yarn and the magic ball technique
From Scrap Yarn to Magic Ball
a woman wearing a brown knitted sweater
Outlander inspired shrug, claire bolero, shoulders warmer, knitwear tartan - Rose Crochet
Outlander inspired shrug, claire bolero, shoulders warmer, knitwear tartan #rose #crochet #knitting #rosecrochet #roseknitting
the scissors are laying next to each other with yarn on them and text overlay that says russian join
Russian Join
If you use the Russian join to add new yarns as you knit or crochet, you don't have to weave in yarn tails later.
knitted mitts and yarn in a box with text overlay that reads, this little - known knitting technique for leftover yarn will blow your mind
This Little-Known Knitting Technique for Leftover Yarn Will Blow Your Mind
Ginny Jovanovich returns to Knitting for Charity with yet another outstanding use for leftover yarn: a little-known knitting technique called helix knitting Do any of you remember the fabulous cluster stitch hat knitting pattern I published a few months ago, courtesy of reader Ginny? It was an enormously popular post, and I was so thankful …
a hand holding a small stuffed animal in it's right hand, against a white wall
Free bunny knitting pattern you'll love - From Britain with Love
How to knit an easter bunny. Click through for easy step by step tutorial and free knitting pattern to make a knitted easter bunny rabbit. Click through to get tips and all the info you need to make your own #easterbunny #knittingpattern #knittingideas #easter #bunnyrabbits #tutorial #freeknittingpattern #frombritainwithlove
a woman standing in front of a wall with the number 13 on it
Au bout des doigts d'Isis
Blog de tutoriels à gogo, tricot, crochet, broderie et autres créations/réalisations manuelles
three knitted cats sitting on top of a window sill with the caption tiny window cat free knitting pattern
Tiny Window Cat Free Knitting Pattern
Tiny Window Cat Free Knitting Pattern #startknittingfreepattern #amigurumipattern #catpattern
a person holding a stuffed animal in their left hand and the other hand with it's eyes closed
KNITTING PATTERN Holland Lop Rabbit - Etsy
KNITTING PATTERN Holland Lop Rabbit | Etsy
two pictures showing how to make rib stitch neatter with knitting needles and yarn in the background
How To Make Rib Stitch Neater: Twisted Rib Stitch — Button and Blue
Does your ribbing look sloppy? Learn how to knit ribbing that looks neater and tighter. This video tutorial shows you how to knit twisted rib: the trick is to work each stitch through the back loop. This creates a ribbing with neat, even columns of knit and purl stitches on both sides of the work. #knitting #tutorial #howto #twisted #ribbing
two hands that are holding some white yarn
"Portuguese Knitting" lesson - p1tbl
▶14 lessons "Portuguese Knitting" lesson - p1tbl - YouTube
a person cutting something with a pair of scissors
My Hands Hurt: Switching to Portuguese Knitting | Interweave
The fascinating thing about Portuguese knitting is how easy it is to work the purl stitch. In fact, it seems that purling is the preferred stitch.
Knit a Tiny Amigurumi Bunny from a Square