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the many faces of doctor who are in different scenes from each movie, including one man with
Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon
❦ (gif - click on pic) s-tuffoflegend: "Pity the man with two hearts." (Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love.)
harry potter and hermile are kissing in the same photo, one is pointing at another
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Ten and Rose
two different pictures with the same caption for each one, and there is an image of
Violence is Easy, Mercy is Hard
Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Time Lords
HeartsInCamelot🔮 on Twitter
23 Signs You're Obsessed With Christmas
doctor who is standing in front of a clock with his hands out to the side
No Sir! All Thirteen! by SimmonBeresford on DeviantArt
two screenshots of the same movie being viewed on their own webpages
Fandoms Unite, Amy Pond, Movies
Fandoms on the Inside
an image of the same movie scene with different scenes in each frame, including one woman and
Dont Blink
two people are playing frisbee in the grass
an image of the doctor who is talking on his phone and what he wants to do
Doctor Who Today on X
the many faces of person with different facial expressions and hair colors, including one woman's face
Cried like a little b*tch at this scene. - Gaming
an image of a statue that has been placed on top of the statue, with caption
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doctor who is smiling for the camera with many different expressions on his face and chest