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the instructions for how to make an easy fabric bracelet with scissors and thread on it
Braided Bracelets from Vintage Handkerchiefs
three tiered plates with cupcakes and candy on them, one has a bird figurine
DIY: Melamine Etagère
the instructions for how to make a braided bracelet with beads and ribbon on it
Hoe maak je een Verschuifbare Knoop?
Verschuifbare Knoop Maken? Foto en Video uitleg van 3 Technieken. Handig om je armbandjes netjes af te werken + materiaal om zelf aan de slag te gaan
two vases sitting on top of each other with flowers painted on the inside of them
Sibia Torres Padilla | DIYs on Instagram: "This past weekend we decided to make another batch of paper clay I really wanted to show you how you can do it without egg cartons For this batch, we tore up junk mail (and HOA notices) and filled up a quart sized mason jar about 3/4 of the way. we covered that with water and let it soak for one day. this is going to ensure that our paper is easy to blend and softer after that, I blended the paper/water into a pulp I poured that into a cheesecloth to wring out any excess water and poured my paper pulp into a bowl Because there wasn’t much water in the paper this time I also decided to mix the water with the flour and pour that onto the pulp. I sprinkled a little bit of salt and mixed that in. if you notice that your clay is too dry, you can st
two photos of a table made out of magazines and yarns, with the caption'before one old kraff chair, a diamonded chindified round mat, and some fabric scraps after colorful comfy chair