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a woman holding an object with the words, when and how to introduce your characters origin story
How to Write a Fandom-Worthy Character (Part 1): “The Complex Heroine”
How to write a heroine character | Barely Hare Books
a white and black bird standing in the snow with it's head turned to the side
Anything Avian
Rock Ptarmigan or Snow Chicken, grouse family, official bird of Nunavut, Canada territory, by Margaret J Walker
a bird standing on top of a grass covered field
Rock Ptarmigan
a white bird standing in the snow near some tall grass and bushes with long thin grasses
Ptarmigan are small chicken-like birds which live year round in the arctic lands, and are found most commonly on tundra hiding in rocks
a white bird sitting on top of snow covered ground
Download Wallpaper 1080x1920 White, Partridge,  bird, Snow Sony Xperia Z1, ZL, Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One HD Background
Willow Ptarmigan - Alaska - Snow Bird
a red and yellow flower beaded coaster on a white tablecloth with green leaves
Tlicho Arts Store
Beaded Coaster by Dene artist, Dora Duncan. $117
an embroidered piece of cloth with blue flowers on it, sitting on a black surface
NWT Arts
Judy Lafferty | NWT Arts
a large bird with its wings spread out in the air, against a blue sky
PhotoNet Home
Sand Hill Crane
a map of the northwest territory of north america with major cities and towns on it
Northwest Territories Maps & Facts
Northwest Territories map-I would love to see the raw power of the Hay River thaw when the ice breaks free in the Spring.
a large waterfall with water flowing over it
Alexandra Falls, Hay River, Northwest by Darwin Wiggett
✯ Alexandra Falls - Hay River - Northwest Territories, Canada
a bird flying through the air with it's wings spread
birds of a feather
White Gyrfalcon, the official bird of The Northwest Territories
a map showing the location of north west territorial territory, as well as major cities
Northwest Territories Map Canada
Northwest Territories Map Canada
a bird perched on top of a tree branch
gray jay (perisoreus canadensis)
gray jay (perisoreus canadensis) by Kusmin&Api**