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a woman kneeling on the ground next to a wooden bench with windows above it and stone flooring
The EASIEST Summer DIY Project almost anyone can do! 🪴 | By The Flipped Piece | Here's a super fun DIY project that almost anybody can do and all you need is a palette. First, get a palette and make sure it's pressure treated so there's no harsh chemicals. You want to give it a good sanddown and once you're finished with that, you're going to take a paint color of your choice. I always go for silk paint. This is the shade anchor and it's a really good paint for outdoor projects as it's UV resistant and it has a built-in primer and a built-in top coat. This is my favorite black color and this always looks so good. Next, I got some of this netting This is used for plants and bases that hang and I cut it into really long strips and I stapled them right into the inner panels of this palette. This created little cubbies and I made six of them. Then I got some grout reviver pen and I cut up some spare pieces of wood. I painted those in the same color black and I wrote down the herbs of my choice on these. So I had all these options. And then I drilled in some holes in the corners and screwed in some screws to the palette. So I had these little removable plates that what kind of herbs they were. This is some thyme I planted some. I had some rosemary and some others and I got some jute rope on a little place that I can hold my gloves and my little shovel and now, this is my palette herb garden. Almost anybody can do this project. It's a really fun family-friendly thing to do. What do you guys think? I love this for the summer time.
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