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a painting of a boat with people on it floating in the ocean next to other boats
Naval battle between the Romans and Carthaginians, 260 BC.
an image of two men riding on elephants in the snow with mountains and clouds behind them
“Hannibal” by Mariusz Kozik. Hannibal carries a 'Thracian' type helmet and seems to be wearing curiously Samnite looking Armour, based on a find now kept in the Bardo Museum in Tunisia.
an elephant with two men riding on it's back in front of other elephants
Pinturas y cuadros de la Antigüedad - Página 21
Elefantes cartagineses de Aníbal en la batalla de Zama. Más en
-0200 c?? Carthaginian Greek Army, Heavy Infantry, Bronze Age Civilization, Ancient Armor
-0200 c?? Carthaginian
a map of the regions of france
Hamilkar Barkasz
Ki ne ismerné Hannibált, kinek élete oly szorosan összefonódott Rómával, és az azzal lezajlott háborúval. Az ő történetét már sokféleképpen feldolgozták, dokumentálták, és már életében legendák születtek róla. De mindez nem jöhetett volna létre, ha nincs valaki, aki…
two men and a dog are standing in the snow
Pinturas y cuadros de la Antigüedad - Página 162
Hasdrubal in the Battle of Baecula
an image of a group of people that are standing in the dirt with spears and arrows
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 588
This illustration depicts some of the various troops of Hannibal's army in Rome. Libyan javelineers mostly with a Samnite/Italian ally second from the left, an Iberian, possibly from the Baeleric islands and a Celtic standard can be seen in the left background.
an illustration of the battle between ancient and modern times, with men dressed in roman armor
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 1076
Punic mercenaries attack a Roman position presumably during the early stages of Hannibal's Italian campaign. The warrior in the foreground is unmistakably a Gaul behind him is a formation of Libby Phoenician infantry. Running at full speed towards the enemy are Iberian warriors and in the background an elephant and Numidian cavalryman move up in support.
an aerial view of a large body of water with land in the middle and buildings on both sides
Carthage map
an illustration of a roman soldier holding a spear and shield with his right arm in the air
Falangita cartaginese, seconda Guerra Punica
a drawing of a viking ship with two horses on the front and one horse on the back
"A Punic oared galley with an incomplete deck, a solution that may have been more stable than the old Phoenician galleys with a superimposed gallery (600 BCE)." (Source: