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Ready to grow abundant vegetables like this in your own backyard!
Learn all our methods for growing bountiful organic produce, no matter how much space you have or what zone you live in! It's all oragnized step-by-step in our online class - Farm In Four Weeks - watch videos on your own time and complete assignments with help from our team of professional farmers!
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Winter squash harvest
Backyard garden squash harvest, the bounty of the fall season! Butternut, delicata, kabocha, acorn, and more varieties. These will “cure” for a few weeks and then be enjoyed in recipes all winter long! #gardening #fall #wintersquash #backyard #harvest #growyourownfood #preserving #homesteading
there are many different types of vegetables on the wooden table with one red pepper and two orange peppers
Fall favorites backyard harvest
Winter squash and peppers are one of the last things to be harvested from the summer garden, well into fall! Get daily gardening tips and tricks at @thebackyardfarmco on Instagram #harvest #wintersquash #october
Backyard winter squash harvest - just in time for halloween
Growing winter squash begins with spring planting, and they're ready to pick in the fall - perfect for decorating your doorstep, and then one-by-one being turned into delicious meals! Roasted squash and hearty soups here we come. Get weekly garden tips, tricks, and seasonal recipes in our newsletter! #gardening #gardentips #backyard #harvest #fall
green plants hanging from clothes pins in front of a building
How to Harvest Dill (without killing the plant)
Discover how to harvest dill and preserve your dill harvest in this guide to picking dill without killing the plant
a man is picking onions from the ground
How To Harvest, Cure & Store Onions So They Last Up To A Year
a person picking radishes from the ground
Scenes from Summer
Licking the Plate: Scenes from Summer by Melina
garlic on a wooden table next to two bundles of garlic hanging from it's stems
How to Braid and Cure Fresh Garlic - The Prudent Garden
How to Braid and Cure Fresh Garlic - The Prudent Garden
a wheelbarrow filled with lots of vegetables sitting in the middle of a forest
Bounteous times ahead
an apple tree with lots of apples in baskets on the ground next to some fruit
Nature is flawless