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Great ideas for to throw a kids birthday party. Add a Bold Spoon cake for the perfect birthday bash.
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the cover of 21 acts of parental brillance, with an image of toilet paper
21 Acts of Parental Brilliance
21 ridiculously easy Parent Hacks to make your life easier!
a cupcake with white frosting and candy on it
Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s Pink and Blue Baby Shower - Inspired By This
"build your own cupcake" using dollar store paint palettes.
a group of children eating donuts in the back yard with their mother and grandmother
Halloween Games for Class Parties
Doughnut on a string party game! Too fun! @Toby Mayer Mayer Mayer Mayer Matson I thought of you for the next time the Dirks' come over!!!
two children in costumes eating doughnuts on swings outside with trees in the background
Tips & Ideas Articles
Perfect for kids party game - donut on a string. Eat hands-free, first one to finish wins. We have played this game a few times, teams work well for smaller kids. Great fun and endless photo opportunities. Great for adults too
a trampoline in the middle of a yard with balls on it and a net
Fill trampoline with balloons for something alittle different and tons of fun for the young and old...we made it a game and put a number on 6 balloons and had the kids one by one go inside and try to find their number..., 3 things..., find large balloons, use and air compressor, and make sure you cover the top of the tramoline with something, we used a mosquito net..enjoy....
a group of children sitting in a circle on top of a grass covered field together
Top 5 kids party games — How to Run a Kids Party
the birthday interview question is shown in black and white
Birthdays - Layers of Learning
Makes for a great keepsake