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the cover of climbing gunung raya's thousand memories eagle stairs
Climbing Gunung Raya's Thousand Memories Eagle Stairs
The Gunung Raya Eagle Stairs of a Thousand Memories is a 3.1km trail from Lubuk Semilang Recreational Park to the top of Gunung Raya mountain in Langkawi, Malaysia. #malaysia #hiking #adventure #mountainclimbing #kedah #nature #travel
two pictures with cats and dogs in them, one has a cat behind the fence
Langkawi Stray Dogs and Cats, How You Can Help
Langkawi animal shelters and rescue resources are limited, but great efforts are being made to improve the lives of Langkawi stray dogs & cats. #Langkawi #animalrescue #Malaysia #animalshelters #voluntourism
the dana langkawii's sunday brunch at terrace italian restaurant
Sunday Brunch at The Danna Langkawi
The Terrace Italian Restaurant at The Danna has THE best Sunday Brunch Langkawi has to offer. Tropical ambiance, diverse and affordable. #sundaybrunch #langkawi #langkawifood #luxuryhotels #travelmalaysia #brunchbuffet
the eiffel tower with text that reads, maha tower is it worth the hype?
Review: Maha Tower Langkawi, Malaysia
Maha Tower Langkawi has finally opened! Despite many project delays, the 138-meter tower is now another grand highlight for Langkawi tourism. Is it worth the hype? #Langkawi #architecture #malaysia #design #travel #sightseeing
an image of a statue with the words legendary sea sculptures of langkawi
Legendary Sea Sculptures of Langkawi, Malaysia
Arca Dasar Laut is a unique underwater installation of seabed sculptures created by Malaysian artists inspired by Langkawi myths and legends. #ecotourism #Langkawi #Malaysia #diving #travel #art #sculptures #artificialreefs
two photos with the words saturn ferry to langkawi in 3 easy steps on them
Satun, Thailand to Langkawi, Malaysia Ferry Tips
Taking the ferry from Satun, Thailand to Langkawi, Malaysia is easy, yet it can easily get complicated. Here are some tips to help make your ferry journey stress free and timely. #Satun #Langkawi #Thailand #Malaysia #travel #ferrytravel
a woman standing next to three surfboards under a sign
Learning to Surf in Langkawi, Malaysia
The idea of surfing in Langkawi or anywhere else in Malaysia may come as a big surprise, but there is surf and surf lessons in Langkawi! #surfing #Langkawi #travel #watersports #Malaysia
the ultimate guide to the langkawi rainy season on this island in fiji
Ultimate Guide to the Langkawi Rainy Season
Visiting Langkawi, Malaysia during the monsoon season? Or it's just a super hot day? Not a problem. Indoor entertainment options abound, regardless of the precipitation or heat factor. Have umbrella (and air-con) will travel! #Langkawi #Malaysia #monsoon #travel #Kedah
a water slide with the words should you take the plunge at splash out langkawi waterpark?
Splash Out Langkawi Waterpark
The best waterpark in Langkawi, Malaysia? Splash Out Langkawi Waterpark! The waterpark's 12 attractions are perfect family fun and not-to-be-missed! #familytravel #themeparks #Malaysia #Langkawi #waterslides #travel
picnic spots in langkawi, fiji with text overlay reading picnic spots loved by locals
Langkawi Picnic Spots Loved by Locals
Picnics in Langkawi, Malaysia are especially popular with the island's local residents, here are 12 Langkawi picnic spots loved by locals. #Langkawi #familytravel #picnics #camping #Malaysia
an advertisement for gamat sea cucumber and ginseng of the sea
Gamat Sea Cucumber, Ginseng of the Sea
The health benefits of Gamat Sea Cucumber has become a renewed topic of interest for traditional medicine enthusiasts. Especially in Malaysia! #traditionalmedicine #marinelife #gamat #Malaysia
the mystery of langkawi's ancient tombstone by malaysia author, malaysia
Langkawi's Makam Purba Ancient Tomb
Langkawi's Makam Purba (ancient tomb) is more than just a gravesite. The Batu Acheh tell a much bigger story! #Malaysia #historicplaces #travel #Langkawi #gravestones #Indonesia
a woman taking a photo with her cell phone in front of a large bird statue that reads 15 free things to do in langkawi, malaysia beyond the beaches
15 Free Things to Do in Langkawi, Malaysia
The cost of travel, these days, can put a real damper on planning a holiday. It’s not just the transportation and accommodations that take a chunk out of the vacation budget, but entry fees can do their fair share of damage as well. That’s one of the beauties about visiting Langkawi, Malaysia. There are lots of free things to do in Langkawi, beyond the beaches. Here are 15 possibilities! #Langkawi #Malaysia #travel #backpacking #familytravel #Kedah
a woman wearing an apron standing in front of a store with the title warning kak mah's malaysian favorite & kapapung charm
Warung Kak Imah: Langkawi, Malayasia
If you are looking for tasty local food in Langkawi,Malaysia, Warung Kak Imah is a must visit. Non-Malaysians will have an opportunity to try several popular, traditional recipes as well as unique beverages. Locals will also be thrilled to find many of their favorites in one convenient location. #MalaysianFood #Langkawi #travel #Malaysia
there are many boats in the water at this time of day that is blue and yellow
The Best Langkawi Waterfront Restaurants & Bars
When it comes to Langkawi waterfront restaurants and bars, the island has plenty. But when it comes to places to have a bite to eat and a beverage of your particular ‘choice’, then the selections can vary greatly. So here is a rundown of the top picks of Langkawi’s waterfront watering holes. #Langkawi #MalaysiaFood #travel #Halal