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three colorful birds painted on paper sitting on a table
Color Mixing Birds with Kindergarten and First Grade
Color Mixing Birds with Kindergarten and First Grade
a paper plate with a lion face on it and colorful streamers all over the frame
Roaring with Texture! (1st & 2nd)
The Artsy Fartsy Art Room: Roaring with Texture!
a paper cut out of a green dinosaur with polka dots on it's wings
Free Dinosaur and Butterfly Pom Pom Mats Busy Little Bugs
two wooden clothes pins with faces and hair on them, next to other craft items
DIY Dress Up Peg Dolls
DIY dress up peg dolls from And Next Comes L. Such a cute homemade toy for kids!
Easy Art Projects for kids from Hand Made Kids Art. Take flight in this easy to make collage. Classe D'art, Easy Art Projects, Fly High, Kids Artwork, Handmade Kids, Spring Art, Camping Art
Take Flight in an Easy Art Project - Kids STEAM Lab
Easy Art Projects for kids from Hand Made Kids Art. Take flight in this easy to make collage.
an abstract painting with lots of different colors and designs on it's surface, including a bee in the center
Make patterns on paper then cut petals. So pretty. Great watercolor project.
a rock with paper mache on it and some colorful sticks sticking out of it
Alexander Calder Sculpture: MaryAnn F. Kohl (from the Gryphon House blog)
Pipecleaner & Rock Sculpture
leaf people made out of construction paper and sticks on a yellow background with the words leaf people written in red
Fall Crafts - Leaf People
Leaf People - using leaves, glue, toothpicks and googly eyes, kids can create this fun art.
instructions on how to do an origami hand gesture with pictures and text below
Easy Letter Reversal Solution
teaching kids the consants that they get mixed up. I actually came up with the idea of the word bed last week to help my 5 year old distinguish b and d, just didn't think to use the hands to even further reinforce it. And she has another one for p and g. Brilliant!
a sign that says huge list of early learning themes with an orange and blue background
Early Learning Themes from Finding the Teachable Moments
four trees painted on paper with watercolors
Fall Reflections
Fall Reflections Art
an art project with leaves on pink paper
Leaf people
a tray with pine cones and acorns on it
Autumn Sensory Play
autumn sensory tray
the very colorful caterpillar is made out of paper
Egg Box Caterpillar
a child's hand is painting a tree with gummy bears on the paper
40 fabulous toddler crafts
Brilliant idea to make an Autumn tree when September/October arrives.