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Science activities for science homeschool curriculum. Follow this board for Science experiments and Science fair projects and more! You'll find Science…
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Picking the right microscope for your homeschooling

Science Tools

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Earth’s Place in the Universe Interactive Organizers contains everything you need to create interactive science notebooks for your astronomy unit. This 221 page resource is aligned to the Next Generation Middle School Earth and Space Science Standards, following sequentially down MS-ESS1. $
A great science experiment for kids that are interested in space!
Rainbow Sugar Water Density Science Experiment STEM activity for kids

Experiment ideas - Experiments and hands on learning

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Whoa! How to make pH paper from red cabbage to use for science experiments and cool sciencey art projects
Are you ready to explore the scientific world of acids and bases? Join Anna Crisostomo’s Chemistry: All Things Matter class on as she brings you helpful tools and fun experiments designed to help you make sense of a part of chemistry that affects our everyday lives—even in the kitchen!
DIY SOIL TEST 1/4 soil add a little distilled water to make a mud. Add vinegar, if it fizzes , its alkaline. 1/4 soil mud mixture add baking soda, if it bubbles ,its acidic- if there's no reaction your soil is neutral

Experiment ideas - Other

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National Geographic: Meet the Polar Bear
Migration: Magnificent Monarchs video
Black bear and cubs in hibernation - BBC wildlife


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first grade science journal | ... weather science journal and creating our own trees for every season
free unit- splat the cat
Teaching the Seasons and Months, Free Printable

Seasons kindergarten

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Simple Engineering for Kids Building Igloos with Marshmallows
Magnetic scrap metal sculptures, robots and machines. Quirky steampunk-inspired craft and fun STEAM building project for kids!
10 Must Try Fall Science Activities and STEM Challenges for Kids

STEM Units

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Bu yaz pek çok keyifli super dolunaylar olmuştu, şimdiden 2015 astronomisine bakmak için sabırsızlanıyorum. Nedense Edinburg'da boynuzları yukarı doğru ay en çok gün ışığında görülüyor gibi geliyor bana, acaba dünyanın başka yerlerinde insanlar nasıl tecrübe ediyorlar?
Your students will have so much fun with this adaptations unit! There is a wide variety of graphic organizers and fun activities that will get your students excited about science.  Inside you'll find:-6 vocabulary posters (physical adaptations, behavioral adaptations, camouflage, hibernation, migration, and mimicry)-Animal Adaptations Activities (Build a Bird, Birds' Beaks Experiment, Butterfly Camouflage, Birds' Feet Matching, Adaptations Flipbook)-Animal Adaptations Graphic Organizers (KWL...
Here's a science experiment that gives your kids a chance to see how fire needs oxygen to burn, with a little math and writing practice thrown in.

Grade 1 Science

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Harris Hawk fledglings with Adult in nest in Saguaro; Sonoran Desert, Arizona
Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo alvarius)
The fennec or desert fox, is a canine mammal species of the genus Vulpes, which inhabits the Sahara Desert and Arabia. This is the smallest species of the family Canidae.

Desert habitat- unit study

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Life Cycle of a Plant Booklet (FREE) Can make it into a poster with the actual plants/soil/seeds glued onto it. The site also has many other printable worksheets!
Teach kids about the needs of seeds with this seed experiment that answers the question: "Do seeds need their seed coat to grow?"
Plant Life Cycle Craft.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Science G 1

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ocean life at different depths. great idea!

Ocean habitat - Unit study

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Respiration experiments for kids
Respiration experiment and lesson
Respiration experiments for kids
the printable camping activity bind for kids is shown in blue and white with watercolor background
Our free printable camping activity pack (50+ pages) is an engaging learning resource for kids. It’s designed to captivate kids’ curiosity and sneak in some new knowledge while they’re busy having fun. #kidsactivities #creativelearning #braingym #kidminds #earlylearning #learning #laughingkidslearn
the free printable forest activity pack for kids is shown in front of trees and grass
Forest Activity Pack for Kids: Fun & Free! - That Homeschool Family
Forest Activity Pack for Kids: Fun & Free! - That Homeschool Family
the words homeschool science weather books videos, activities and more for all ages
Textbook-Free Science: all the resources you'll need to learn about WEATHER in your homeschool! | Humility and Doxology
Textbook-Free Science: all the resources you'll need to learn about WEATHER in your homeschool! - Humility and Doxology
Learn About Pollinators Printables Activity Pack. Home Schooling, Homeschool Science Projects, Homeschool Science Experiments, Fun Learning, Educational Printables, Homeschooling
Learn About Pollinators Printables Pack
Explore the world of pollinators with our fun and educational printable activity pack! Perfect for kids aged 6-11. Get it free until May 31 by signing up for my newsletter for working homeschool moms! #homeschoolprintables #pollinatorsweek #workinghomeschoolmom
the book unit study volcano for very curious kids
Fun and Educational Volcano Activities for Kids 🌋
Dive into the fascinating world of volcanoes with our engaging activities and resources. From building 3D models to interactive experiments, our Volcano Unit Study has everything you need to make learning fun and effective. Download your free worksheet now!
How to Make the Best and Most Amazing Shark Slime - KidMinds Shark Science, Shark Printables, Slime For Kids, Plant Science, Homeschool Kindergarten
How to Make the Best and Most Amazing Shark Slime
How to Make the Best and Most Amazing Shark Slime - KidMinds
the unit study and timeline atomic theory for very curious kids with text overlay
Hands-On Atomic Theory Unit Study & Ideas for Gifted Young Scientists
See the evolution of atomic models with our visually engaging timeline and unit study. This resource helps students visualize key concepts through flashcards, cut-outs, and a customizable poster project, perfect for classroom and homeschool settings.
children's books and videos about space
Books and Videos for Children About Space
There are so many books that will help your children learn about the universe around them and it is hard to even know where to begin! Here is a list of videos and books about space from some of our favorite series along with some other highly recommended books! In each section, they are roughly ordered from preschool to older learners.
solar system free unit study for kids
Solar System Unit Study
This unit study based on the Where is Our Solar System? book can be used as a several week study of the solar system in your homeschool. Videos, notebooking pages, and hands-on projects are included.
a person holding up a book with the title unit study of the moon for very curious kids
Explore Moon Phases | Activities & Printables for Kids
Curious kids asking about the moon? I've put together a bunch of engaging, kid-friendly activities and worksheets to help explain the moon's phases in a way they'll understand and enjoy. Perfect for a fun classroom activity or learning at home. Check the full blog post for ideas on teaching moon phases, apps and simulators about the Moon and free Moon Phases worksheets and posters.
Free Printable Earth Day Bookmarks - Thrive at Home. Home, Earth Day Activities, Earth Day, Printable Activities For Kids, Free Homeschool Resources, Free Homeschool, Activities
Free Printable Earth Day Bookmarks - Thrive at Home
This free one-page printable PDF of Earth Day bookmarks is a fun coloring activity for the whole family.
the earth day resources for kids and adults to use on their homeschool projects
Boost Learning with Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets!
Encourage critical thinking and environmental awareness with our Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets. These resources are specifically developed to challenge and inspire elementary and middle school students. Download a sample and start teaching with purpose!
clouds with the words how clouds got their names
How Clouds Got Their Names
Want to learn how to recognize different clouds in the sky? Check out this post and learn some Latin at the same time! Includes book and video recommendations, too.
plants sequence worksheets for kids to learn how to grow and use them in the garden
Hands-On Science: Plant Sequencing and Plant Life Cycle FREEBIE!
Foster a love for science and nature in young learners with creative activities focused on the plant life cycle. Our comprehensive plant sequencing worksheet bundle includes everything from sequencing exercises to art-inspired learning projects like sunflower painting and seed mosaics. Perfect for integrating science with creativity and literacy—download now!