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an origami horse stands in front of a wall drawing by person
A cartoon by Lars Kenseth
two lions chasing each other in the snow, one is saying what do you mean, you don't know how many calories you are?
A cartoon by Liana Finck
two people are sitting at a table and one has a ball in his hand the other says, you've got something in your teeth
A cartoon by Caroline Dworin
a woman holding a baby in her arms while standing next to a crib that reads, please all they can go to bed and look at photos of you being quiet
A cartoon by Adam Sacks
a man is looking at his reflection in the mirror drawing by charles c schreck
a butterfly is standing next to a caterpillar on a branch with the caption,
two snails are sitting in the grass and one snail is laying on its back drawing by person
A cartoon by Amy Hwang
two cats are looking at each other in front of a window that says he avery pecums, omo dreams norwegian
two cats sitting on the floor and one cat is pouring water from a spout
two men are talking to each other in front of a mirror
A cartoon by Colin Tom
a drawing of a fish and another fish with words written below it that read tomorrow's problem today's problem
A cartoon by Eugenia Viti
a man standing next to a dog in a store
A cartoon by Trevor Spaulding
two black birds sitting on top of a tree branch in front of another bird with its mouth open
A cartoon by Lonnie Millsap
two people sitting on a seesaw with thought bubbles above them that say i'm in control
A cartoon by Liza Donnelly
two people are walking in the park talking to each other drawing by charles c stewart
A cartoon by Jason Adam Katzenstein
two people standing next to each other in front of trees and the words, finally, see get to stop biting about the weather and start bitching about our aller
Nuns, Alien, Next, Fun, Conspiracy
A cartoon by Lars Kenseth
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a laptop computer while another woman stands next to her
A cartoon by Brooke Bourgeois
a woman standing next to a baby in a crib
Humor, Satire, and Cartoons—The New Yorker
two bears are sitting at a table with wine glasses in their hands and one bear is holding a bottle
Humor, Satire, and Cartoons—The New Yorker