Inspiration from the sea.
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an old man with a pipe in his mouth is framed on the wall by a wooden frame
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I love this needlepoint. Measures 17 x 21 with frame and roughly 11 x 14 3/4 in the frame opening. I can ship with or without the frame...please message me if you would like it without. Condition: Vintage....needlepoint looks good with no notable flaws. The frame has some dings and
a red light house sitting on top of a snow covered pier next to the ocean
A red lighthouse on Lake Michigan.
a pug dog wearing a hat looking out the window of an old train car
Even World War II Had Its Weird Side
Venus, the bulldog mascot of the destroyer HMS Vansittart.
two men looking at model ships in a store
The Painstaking Process Behind Those Wild WWI Naval Paint Jobs
A fleet of model ships with dazzle paint for testing.
four men pose with a dog in a large metal bowl
The Little-Known History of Seafaring Pets
Sinbad and his fellow crewmen on the deck of USCG Campbell, 1943.
an illustration of seaweed and corals from the book children's encyclopia
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Seaweed - 1952 Children's Encyclopaedia Page from One SpeckledEgg
crab, seashells, and shells are featured in this hand - drawn illustration
Hamburg - Lieblingsorte
Gorgeous cut out illustration by Ryo Takemasa #RyoTakemasa
an old photo of waves crashing on the beach
Ocean Dream, no info. “There is peace even in the storm” ~ Vincent van Gogh, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
three starfishs are shown in this antique illustration
Realism Insects Pre-1800 Art Prints | eBay
Starfish, 1827
a postage stamp with a sea horse on it's back and corals in the background
Biomedical Ephemera, or: A Frog for Your Boils
Cigarette card of a seahorse, 1903. & I love seahorses & i love cigarettes. I want this.
a drawing of a tree with red branches
Vintage Sea Life Prints
BeeBee.Grace: Vintage Sea Life Prints
the front cover of a book with an image of two fish
Lenormand Fortune Telling cards
Lenormand Fortune Telling cards