Advice, tips, and relatable humor. Remember that not all writing tips, steps, or "must-haves" work for every writer. No rule is set in stone.
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a brick wall with the words, the desired to write was planted within you for a reason
Home - Writer's Atelier
Writing inspiration and motivation by Writer’s Atelier. Find more writing resources on the Writer’s Atelier website! (Want the pinned image? Check out our Instagram!) #writing #writingtips #writersofinstagram #writers #writerslife #writinginspiration #writingquotes
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' ghostzzy reminder to myself about the process of drafting & revising: . first drafts are for m
Drafting and revising reminder
How to Outline Your Fantasy Novel Right Now - | writing advice | writing tips |#cherylProWriter Ideas, Fiction Writing, Humour, Writing Plot, Fiction Writing Prompts
How to Outline Your Fantasy Novel Right Now - Julianne Berokoff
How to Outline Your Fantasy Novel Right Now - | writing advice | writing tips |#cherylProWriter
a poster with the words how to lead the reader astrayy written on it
Need a thrilling book design?
#writing #mystery #noir #detective #fantasy #plot #book #plotting #clue #tip #author #writer #advice #book #story #novel #ebook
a room filled with furniture and hats on top of the table in front of a window
Toxic Habits for Characters
Blending in toxic, further than basic flaws
a man with dreadlocks and a quote about writing
Show Don't Tell - Show AND Tell
Always find the balance
the sticky note method for quiting a novel
Sticky Note Book Outlining
Learn about the sticky note method of outlining
the villain checklist character engineering for witches
The Villain Checklist - How to Create a "Great & Terrible" Villain • Career Authors
Basics for writing a villain
a cup of coffee on top of a desk with the words plot your novel easily with these simple tricks
Tricks for Plotting Novel
Some tips to help plot your novel and get things moving
a woman hugging her head with the words how to write the moment your character breaks
The Moment Your Character Breaks
Writing the broken low moment for a character
the seven plot archetys to build your story with text overlaying it
7 Plot Archetypes
Building on archetypes for plot
a girl with her hair blowing in the wind text reads how to create relatable characters
How to Create Relatable Characters: Survival Guide Interview with C.G. Drews — Rebekah Joan
How to Create Relatable Characters - an Interview with C.G. Drews (a.k.a. paperfury) #writingadvice #characterdevelopment #writingtips #authortips #authorinterview
a man and woman kissing each other in front of a book cover that says, how to write in an authentic historical voice
How to Write in an Authentic Historical Voice - Helping Writers Become Authors
How to Write in an Authentic Historical Voice
someone typing on a red laptop with the words how to write believable character reactions
Character Reactions
How to Write Believable Character Reactions
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a pink sign that says writing a book
Plotting, Publishing, & Platform Project Management | Books & Alchemy
Managing the logistics of a book once you're past the logistics of writing it
a woman typing on her laptop with the text should you follow popular writing rules?
Should You Follow Popular Writing Rules? — Well-Storied.
Popular writing rules exist for a reason. Or do they? Today, let's discuss whether prescriptive writing advice is really worth following.
a person writing with the words red herrings how to mislead and surprise your readers
Red Herrings: How to Mislead & Surprise Readers | Story Grid
Creating red herrings
the writer's blog is featured in an article on how to hide the villain from the reader
How to write a convincing villain?
Hiding a villain
an image of a cartoon character with the caption when i refuse i need the character i killed in chapter 2
In Chapter 2 | Writers Write
In Chapter 2 | Writers Write
a woman with her hand on her face in front of two black and white letters
Common Character Mistakes | Tucker Tales Writing Blog
Common Character Mistakes | writing advice | writing tips |#cherylProWriter
a hooded person holding a knife with the words how to write reverse stories that thrill and satisfy your readers
How to Write Revenge Stories That Thrill and Satisfy Your Readers
Satisfying and thrilling vengeance
a person laying in the grass wearing a hat with text reading napping can dramatically increase learning, memory, awareness, and more
The Perils of a Passive Protagonist - Helping Writers Become Authors
Writing a Passive Protagonist
a person writing on a blackboard with the words how to write the perfect plot
How to Write the Perfect Plot
Creating the perfect plot for your story
someone typing on an old typewriter with the words how to write the almost moment
The Almost Moment Is The Secret To Successful Romance Writing | Writers Write
The moment of 'almost' - how to get it right
a woman standing in tall grass with the words how much of your character's backstory do you need to know?
How Much of Your Character's Backstory Do You Need to Know? // Backstory & Character Arcs 101 - Happ
Exploring backstory and deciding where to stop
an orange and black poster with the words ancient greek writing terms written on it
What can Writers learn from the Ancient Greeks? - Authocracy Publishing
Greek writing terms for fun and learning
a woman sitting at a desk with her head in her hands and the words 4 tips for writing who can't seem to finish their novels
How Do I Actually Finish My Novel?! (4 Reasons Your Story Ideas Never Work Out) | Numawok Creative
Find that motivation and make it through
the title for character versus protagonist, written in black and white on a gray background
Character Study - EMWelsh
Main Character vs Protagonist
a book cover with the words, use these four scenes to reveal who your character really is
Write 4 Scenes That Reveal Who Your Character Is Seamlessly
Revealing character
a blue poster with the words 5 things you need on your novel's first page
Writersaurus - Your Novel's First Page
5 Things You Need on Your Novel's First Page