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Did you catch my WAKEUP Call over on Facebook yesterday? This little one did 😜 - The main topics discussed were how grossly insignificant we are but how seriously we take ourselves. If you'd like to watch click the link in the bio to take you to our FB page. - 📷 @tonyandcarmenmatthews
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The mission of WAKEUP is to really empower, inspire and motivate, in an unconventional way, to give people the tools, the vehicle and the platform to have the conversations that can get a little mucky and controversial without it being so.
the words rise above with a white heart in front of black and blue letters that read,
What society needs to do is rise above. Rise above the hatred and the deep seeded hate, that is in so many peoples hearts and minds. You can’t tell someone not to hate; you can’t tell someone to love you anymore than you can tell them to hate you. People feel how they feel. So we’ve got to rise above and lead by example. When somebody whispers something in your ear that is inappropriate, do you have the balls to do the right thing (which is rarely the easy thing to do)? Or not? Inaction IS acti