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two people standing in front of a display with wooden panels on the wall and floor
Leicht hood. My search for remotely possible (non-hideous) range hoods for a mid-century modern open kitchen with the cooktop in the middle of the room has presented a hell of a design dilemma. I am definitely going towards the 'no vent' thing as in all of my years I've never once turned one on even though I've previously had them in all other homes.
a white light hanging from the ceiling with a book on it's back end
Ventilation hood that beats them all. And so no one else spends hours trying to track down the source of this oft-pinned but always lacking in info cooktop vent, here it is:
a light switch is shown on a white background
Renu Combination Switches
Levitron "Pink Lemonade" switches, plates, etc
two people are working on the shelves in a room with blue walls and wooden cabinets
How to Build a Giant DIY Garage Cabinet
HowTo build your own giant cabinet with sliding doors... lots of other garage/indoor storage ideas at this website
four marble benches sitting on top of each other
In Search Of (ISO): I have the 2-tiered round table and the two 3-tiered side tables. I am in search of this coffee table and the corner table. Message me if you have one, have seen one, or know where I can get one!
an image of the end of a handle with two arrows pointing in opposite directions, and one
Aluminum and Stainless Steel Tee Nosings
Aluminum edging for my kitchen counters. Because I have quarter-round end cabinets, I cannot use stainless steel edging. (No one can bend it any longer.) The aluminum can bend to fit because it snaps into a routed groove in the countertop surface.
four white and black door handles on a gray wall
Brilliant idea. Comes in stainless steel. For that gap between your counters and your stove so food doesn't fall in.
an empty kitchen with pink cabinets and black counter tops is seen in this image from the doorway
This kitchen is up for grabs right now in Cincinnati, Ohio. Not only are you looking at pink steel cabinets, look at those fabulous floor tiles, the charcoal grey countertops and.... THAT WALLPAPER! Allie Weaver on Facebook has just posted this kitchen that they're tearing out of their home. If you're interested, find her on FB and save this beauty.
an image of some kind of surface that looks like it is made out of rocks - unable to pin directly from this Austrailan site. Colour sample: MT25
there are many different types of woodworking tools in this photo and the text below reads 4 sources for mid - century modern shaped furniture legs
4 sources for mid-century modern furniture legs - Retro Renovation
Lovely, all the info gathered in one place. There is also a link in this article for sources of hairpin legs.
the color samples for vinyl colors are shown in orange, blue, and green tones
Illinois Fibre Specialty
My issue has always been trying to find SHINY vinyl. So many dinette sets out there for sale with descriptors like: "Excellent condition except chairs need recovered." Easier said than done. Vintage dinettes had shiny vinyl and I've yet to find a supplier of that. I have no idea if this company offers it since they do not have an email contact, but I will call them and ask. For those of you who aren't so hardcore with your accuracy, they offer pastel colors that are hard to find.
the mid century modern legs dvd
Metal Tips for Mid-Century Modern Legs
As well as the tips that go on the legs, this place also sells the tapered legs for your MCM furniture.
the different types of glasses are labeled in this diagram, and each one has a wooden handle
Metal Tips for Mid-Century Modern Legs
Another place to buy the metal tips for MCM tapered furniture legs.