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Fake grass, also referred to as synthetic grass, can also be used to cover patios to extend the size of your garden. We stock a wide range of false grass. Fake Grass Garden Ideas, Grass Garden Ideas, Outdoor Tile, Grass Garden, Fake Grass, Grasses Garden, Patio Backyard, Outdoor Tiles, Artificial Grass
Fake Grass Garden Ideas | For Patio & Backyard
Looking for artificial grass in Dublin or Ireland? At Tile Merchant, we supply luxury fake grass. Get in touch and get a free quote today.
a house with a lawn in front of it and a table on the grass outside
Artificial Grass Price per Roll | €9.90 m2 Tile Merchant Ireland
Artificial grass is Fuss-Free Fun for All The Family! Some feature of artificial grass includes: Easy maintenance, easy installation, natural-looking artificial grass for the any outdoors
an empty backyard with grass, fence and sliding glass doors
40mm Artificial Grass | Fake Grass Ireland
Artificial Grass with a Shockpad Underlay creates a gorgeous, emerald lawn fit for the Emerald Isle—one that requires minimal maintenance all year round, whilst looking and, most importantly, feeling exactly like the real deal. Shock-absorbing artificial grass is safe for all the family, including your pets! Shop artificial grass and shockpad underlays with Tile Merchant today. We deliver straight to your door.
there is a small blue shed in the back yard
Artificial Grass Ireland | Fake Grass Dublin
Tired of flooded, yellowing, weed-infested, charred and lifeless lawns? Sick of the constant maintenance real grass demands? Tile Merchant has the answer to take your Irish exterior design to the next level! Artificial Grass Ireland
Upgrade your garden with easy-to-maintain artificial grass. Sustainable Lawn, Fake Grass Backyard, Environmentally Friendly, Pet Friendly
Fake Grass Backyard | Artificial Grass Idea
Achieve a sustainable lawn with eco-friendly artificial grass solutions. Explore ideas for a green and environmentally-friendly yard.
Go green with eco-friendly artificial grass solutions for a sustainable lawn Front Yard Artificial Grass Ideas
Safe and Soft Artificial Grass | Fake Grass Garden Ideas
Upgrade your garden with easy-to-maintain artificial grass.
Year-round beauty: Discover the benefits of artificial grass Back Garden Ideas, Perfect Backyard, Back Yard, Backyard Ideas
Perfect Backyard Ideas | Artificial Grass
Discover the benefits of artificial grass for a beautiful lawn all year round. Explore design trends and practical solutions for your yard.
Easy lawn maintenance: Explore high-quality artificial grass solutions.
Artificial Grass | Backyard Ideas
Say hello to easy lawn maintenance with high-quality artificial grass solutions. Explore design inspiration for a hassle-free yard.
a concrete planter with plants in it next to a fence and grass area on the side of a building
Yard with Artificial Grass | Practical Design Ideas
Turn your patio into a green oasis with artificial grass. Explore ideas for a cozy and inviting outdoor living space.
Vibrant artificial grass designs for an inviting outdoor space. Yard Ideas, Outdoor Space, Yard, Make Your, Color
Realistic Artificial Grass | Perfect Yard Ideas
Make your outdoor space pop with vibrant artificial grass designs. Discover ideas for a colorful and inviting yard.
"Pet-friendly artificial grass: soft, durable, perfect for playtime Pet Friendly Yard, Artificial Grass Garden, Low Maintenance
Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass | Garden Ideas
Create a pet-friendly yard with soft and durable artificial grass. Perfect for playing and lounging, without the hassle of maintenance!
Transform your yard with lush artificial grass - hassle-free maintenance
Transform Your Yard with Lush Artificial Grass
Transform your yard into a lush paradise with low-maintenance artificial grass. Say goodbye to mowing and enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round!
Gake Grass Garden ideas Small Gardens, Nature, House Extension, Low Maintenance Garden, House Extensions
Artificial Grass Ideas Small Gardens
Discover the perfect solution for small gardens: artificial grass! Maximise your limited space with a vibrant, low-maintenance alternative to natural turf. Make the most of your small garden with artificial grass
Small garden design with artificial grass Backyard Ideas Small, Small Garden Ideas, Garden Tiles
Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas | Small Garden Ideas
Transform your garden with lush, maintenance-free artificial grass! Enjoy year-round greenery without the hassle of mowing or watering. Ready to upgrade your outdoor space?
a large white dog laying on top of a green grass covered field next to a wooden fence
Dog Fake Grass | Artificial Grass Dog Run
Can I Have Artificial Grass With Dogs. Protect your pet from harmful chemicals and toxins with our pet-safe artificial grass. Say goodbye to pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers – and hello to a greener and safer outdoor environment for your furry friend.