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jars filled with different types of food on wooden shelves
Jams, jams and more jams! I love making jam, marmalade,lemon curd and assorted pickles
a ladybug sitting on top of a white flower with yellow stamens
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Finding Neverland
several pies on a table in front of a window with an apple and bread
three chickens are sitting on the grass in front of a house
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a sheep standing next to a kitten in the grass
Cat Become Friends With Sheep – Love Meow | Animals friendship, Animals, Cute animals
Why does the solitary cat myth persist and is it deserved? Here are a few things we should all understand about our feline friends before accepting or dismissing the myth of the solitary cat.
a sign with flowers on it sitting in the grass next to a stone wall and trees
Bouquet of Joy: Fresh Flowers At Roadside Farm Stands
Follow the signs.
three white ducks are standing in the grass
a bird sitting on top of a window sill next to a wooden frame and curtain