The thrill of the run and the beauty of Winter
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a man riding skis down the side of a snow covered slope next to a lake
Skiing above Sorfjorden in Lyngen Alps, Norway (by...
Skiing above Sorfjorden in Lyngen Alps, Norway. Norwegians are the worlds first skiers. In the 1940s there was one place to ski. In Idaho "Sun Valley". I believe it was built for a Sonja Henie Movie in the 1930s, early 40s. Few people tried the slopes. It caught on through movies etc. Sonja Henie - famous Norsk movie star. Winter sports, Skating primarily.
two black gloves on top of poles in the snow
a snowy village with mountains in the background
Alpbach, Austria skiing holiday? Yes please.
two gondolas in the fog on a ski lift
let'a go skiing!
people are riding horses down the cobblestone street in an old european town with tall buildings
Winter snowing #skiing holiday #KItzbuhel Austria by Valerii Tkachenko, via 500px
a red and white ski lift going up the mountain
Skiing in Wengen, Switzerland.
a group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope
Skiing in the sun at Le Brevent and Flegere | Ski Breezy
Sunshine and skiing
a snowy mountain town surrounded by trees and snow covered mountains in the distance, with a church steeple at the top
Austria Provinces - Salzburg county Hotel Accommodation Tourist Information Travel Guide Transportation
Skiing in Austria, beautiful!
a mountain covered in snow under a cloudy sky
the matterhorn switzerland
a ski resort at night in the mountains with snow on the ground and lit up buildings
The Best New Hotels in the Swiss and French Alps
The ski-resort village of Courchevel 1850 in the French Alps. FRANCE