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an empty room with some windows and a black frame on the floor in front of it
an empty room with no one in it or someone standing inside the door and lights on
an empty room with yellow light coming from it
image inspiration on Designspiration
Lauretta Vinciarelli, Orange Sound, 1999
an empty room with white walls and shadows on the floor
486 Mina El Hosn by LAN Architecture | Dezeen
LAN Architecture designed "mirror tower" in Beirut, Lebanon
an empty church with rows of pews in front of a cross on the wall
Tadao Ando. Complete works - Books Architecture, Architect Japan
Church of light - Tadao Ando
trees in the middle of a grassy area with fog coming from them and on to the ground
Elspeth Diederix
Elspeth Diederix
a long hallway with multicolored lines on the wall and ceiling in the center
Visitors Tunnel at the JVA/Prison in Düsseldorf by Markus Linnenbrink
an indoor skate park with lights on the ceiling and red carpeted ground in front of it
Ann Hamilton Studio
Ann Hamilton - mattering