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Both of us desire to have a cat once again after we no longer must travel for business. Then we can invite a new cat friend to become a member our family. We do…
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All cats are unique. Individual personality traits are displayed within a particular breed depending on how the cat is raised and his early socialization.

PaintedCatArt. Creative Grooming Design Ideas for Stylish Furry Pets

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SURPRIZE!!! from Izzy & Zoë.
12 (640x640, 116Kb)
"Cosy Christmas Cat" by Ruth Sanderson

Ann Mortimer Cats

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Cat Books & Ephemera

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Art of Braldt Bralds

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Daily Paintworks - "Tuxi Sees Bird, Not enough time?  Repeat this mantra." - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Diane Hoeptner
"Brambles cop car kitty on pattern" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Diane Hoeptner - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!
Diane Hoeptner, Felicity  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"

Diane Hoeptner;

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David Burnham Smith: Ceramic Artist, 0903685639, Exhibition Cat 1998 (Pottery)
TYBER KATZ Museum Cat Sculpture

Sculptures & Sculptors-- Karen Fawcett;

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18 Amazing DIY Cat Toys You Can Do at Home Compilation - YouTube
Festive Feast & Other Cat Capers - Simon's Cat | COLLECTION - YouTube


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Frankie by LoveringArts
Une illustration de style Aquarelle d’une reine de mer de chat et son entourage purrmaid. Prêt à être encadré !  Dimensions : 10 x 14  Détails : Imprimé sur du papier aquarelle texturé avec nette et résistantes à la décoloration d’encre Epson Claria 6 couleurs. L’impression comprend une bordure blanche et est signée. Image finale n’a pas de filigrane.  Merci et profitez ! : 3

Paintings Extraordinaire'

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Having a cat as one of your Best Friends is a pure JOY!! Exciting, Fun, Interesting, & Worthwhile!!
yup, it snowed here yesterday for the first time this year ( 4th quarter of the year that is ). thumbs up for the longest title ever :]   used photoshop and paint tool sai ( for...


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a dog is laying down in the grass
Scottish Terrier Business Cards | Zazzle
a ceramic teapot with a cat design on it
Romero Britto Yellow Cat Square Teapot
a colorful ceramic cat teapot sitting on top of a saucer with polka dots
10 Interesting Facts About Cat Noses & Their Sense of Smell (Vet Approved) - Catster
a yellow teapot with pink flowers on it and green trim around the top, sitting next to a white background
Certified International English Garden Teapot, Multicolor, TEA POT