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a birdhouse hanging from a tree with blue, yellow and orange tiles on it
mosaic sunflowers
mosaic sunflowers
a mosaic with white flowers and blue tiles on the wall, as if it were made out of broken glass
Hommage à Van Gogh #labranchedamandier #van Gogh #hommage #mosaique #patedeverre #michellecombeau #fleurs #amandier #mosaico
a red flower sitting on top of a blue mosaic tile wall next to green leaves
Stained Glass, Pastel, Mosaic Artist and Author
Gladiolus #art #mosaic
a stained glass window with colorful flowers and leaves
Jean Loney Mosaics
Jean Loney Mosaics Más
a red bird sitting on top of a white tree with branches cut out of it
a sunflower is depicted on a mosaic background
Lee Ann Petropoulos Fine Art | Artist
Lee Ann Petropoulos Fine Art Mosaics | Flora
a painting of a sunflower on a mosaic tile background
Mosaic sunflower
a small green glass christmas tree with gold star on it's top and multicolored stones around the base
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper with the words how to cut complex shapes with just your nippers
All you need are Nippers - See How to cut shapes with just your Nippers! Watch this video!
a stained glass angel with white wings on a black background and blue circles around it
turquoise angel. beads, glass, tile, stained glass, ball chain.
a stained glass angel hanging on the side of a white wall with red and yellow accents
stained glass over paper, tempered glass, beads.
a stained glass angel with blue wings on a green wallpapered background in the shape of a cross
A little blue angel mosaic, wall art. 10 inches high, stained glass on thin plywood.
several different colored glass flowers on a white background with circles and dots in the center
Gary Jackson
mosaic 5
a decorative plate with a cat on it's side and some brown, white and red tiles
"Ми працю любимо, що в творчість перейшла...")
A small mosaic occasional table I made some time go