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two pictures one with scissors and the other has an ornament hanging from it
32 Homemade Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations That Look Stunning
32 Homemade Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations That Look Stunning
the ultimate holiday gift guide for minimalists
The Ultimate List of Gifts for Minimalists in Your Life
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Minimalists |
a red and white beaded circular object on a blue surface with small dots in the center
Mandala hama perler beads by annepovlsen
three minion beaded coasters sitting on top of a table
Bügelperlen Mehr
an image of a doll made out of beads
Mermaid hama beads by asablumenberg
a paper flower wreath hanging on the wall
Make an Egg Carton Wreath » Dollar Store Crafts
Egg Carton Wreath....ok, I normally don't do egg carton crafts - but this one is cool :-)
christmas tree rice krispy treats on a red tray
Cute Kids Christmas Party Food Ideas
Party Food For Kids Christmas Krispie Treat Christmas Trees
some cupcakes decorated like christmas trees on a plate with strawberries in the middle
15 Crazy Christmas Cupcakes That Look Absolutely Delicious
This recipe is a perfect example: they use a strawberry as the base for a Christmas tree! Then they just pipe some frosting over top.
an image of a dog made out of legos
Les loisirs de Pat
Horse hama perler beads by Les loisirs de Pat
four tags with deer designs on them hanging from black cord and two are made out of brown paper
plein de petites réals mettant à l'honneur des petits rennes peints avec les doigts. Je me suis dit que les petites mains se régaleraient à réaliser cela. (cf author):