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Natural Drop Pop - SCAB Design
Lisa by SCAB Design on Guest
Introducing the latest design by @luxy_seating BIGA preview at this years ORGATEC exhibition. Available to order via Ultimate Interiors.


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three different colored chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with lights
Zebra Pop 4-leg frame
Zebra Pop and Tiffany - SCAB Design
two chairs with shoes on the floor next to each other and a christmas ornament hanging above them
Natural Drop Pop - SCAB Design
a man standing in front of a desk with a chair
Sport identifies us
Prisma + Cron . #office #furniture
two chairs in an empty room with windows
Introducing the latest design by @luxy_seating BIGA preview at this years ORGATEC exhibition. Available to order via Ultimate Interiors.
two chairs and a table with pictures on it
SCAB Design
It may not be breakfast at Tiffanys', but I'm sure #audreyhepburn would have approved of this CHLOE TREND chair and MIRTO table by #scabdesign
a dining table with green chairs and white countertop in a modern style kitchen area
Retro Seating
Glenda seating by Scab design adds elegance and function to any room! #scabdesign available from Ultimate Interiors
three people sitting at tables in an office setting with one person standing and the other seated
Height-Adjustable and Folding Table Talent. High versatility| Actiu
Ultimate Love the new TALENT collection by #actiu Show Your Talent and Bring out the Creative You!
a red and white office chair sitting on top of a metal casteor wheel base
Bea Executive Chair by Luxy
Bea Executive Chair by Luxy. Italian Design at it's best. #ultimateoffice&interiors
three chairs and a table with two cups on it
Urban Plus Actiu | Versatile chair with natural and ergonomic lines
URBAN PLus seating by #actiu Available at Ultimate Interiors #meetingchairs #design
the chairs are lined up on pedestals near each other
Theatre Seating
Check Out some of the Theatre Seating installed by Ultimate or visit the micro theatre in Galway, Ireland
an office with chairs, tables and plants in the middle of it's display area
Create the designer studio look with eFIT draughtsman seating. Available in a wide range of finishes, you'll find an eFit to Fit you! #actiu
an office with pink walls, white desks and black chairs in front of large windows
eFit and TWIST by #actiu The pop of purple complements the green screens and adds warmth to the open plan office space. The flood of natural, high ceilings and white backdrop lend a more spacious feel.
an office with two desks and chairs in front of a wall that has exposed brick
Cron Actiu | Modern Executive Chair
This office chair has four back tilting positions to meet the different needs of its users. Cron is made with high quality materiales and the highest ergonomics. #office #chair #furniture #actiu