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an office filled with desks and chairs next to each other on blue carpeted flooring
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Ultimate Office & Interiors - Photos
three tables with different types of desks on them and the word talent spelled out in large letters
Talent by #actiu
an assortment of different shapes and sizes of umbrellas on a white surface with text below
El soft seating que se transforma y adapta a cualquier espacio
Bend by Actiu. Soft seating that can transform and adapt to any space #Actiu #softseating #modular #furniture #offices
a red chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a green tree and fence
Always on the move
Always on the move #Actiu #furniture #office
an overhead view of a table with two chairs and a book on it, in front of a white background
10 Good Reason to love you job - Work loving yourself
10 Good Reason to love you job - Work loving yourself #graphic #design #Actiu
an office cubicle with two desks and computers
A modular system which creates and configures spaces #offices #furniture #Actiu
an image of a couch and bookcases in the same color as each other
Longo #furniture #Actiu #softseating
an office desk with two chairs and a laptop on it
Prisma - Mesas de oficina con un diseño inspirado en el estilo nórdico
PRISMA - Natural Desking System
a woman is smiling and holding her arms up
Wing: una silla para colectividades apilable, creativa y ligera
Wing chair, let your imagination fly #actiu #offices #cafeteria
a man smiling while sitting down in front of a desk with a laptop computer on it
SHEY, el soft seating que combina con tu imaginación
SHEY, set your imagination in movement #softseating #Actiu #furniture
two people sitting on chairs in an office
Badminton: the perfect Office Armchair to break the routine
Badminton by #Actiu, #armchair for soft seating areas #softseating #design #offices
five office chairs in different colors and sizes
Cron - Moderna silla de dirección con todas las funcionalidades
CRON - Business Ergonomic Seating #Actiu #offices #chairs
a woman is sitting in an office chair and pointing at the back of her chair
TNK FLEX, una silla de oficina que se anticipa a tus movimientos
TNK FLEX #office #chair #Actiu #design #ergonomy
a woman is standing in an office with chairs and desks, looking at the wall
Silla de oficina TNK FLEX, inspirada por tu movimiento
TNK FLEX, inspired by your movement - YouTube
a computer desk with a monitor and keyboard on it's side, in front of a white background
Sit Stand Desk - Mobility by Actiu #Actiu #furniture #desk #offices