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Make the most out of your dehydrator by making these easy dehydrated snacks, meat, and spice recipes, perfect for long-term food storage. Learn how to make…
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this ground beef and beans chili is right for game night
This Ground Beef and Beans Chili Is Right For Game Night! [Recipe]
This ground beef and beans chili is the perfect meal for preserving your food and then having a cooked meal whenever you need it. Whether you like to camp, do a road trip every once in a while, or you just want to save your beef from going bad, this is the perfect recipe.
the best cut for beef jersey info sheet
Best Cut For Beef Jerky: Everything You Need To Know!
Finding the best cut for beef jerky is quite an odyssey, especially if you are new to jerky. You do not want to go with something that will turn out too grainy or chewy. Instead, you will want to find an affordable yet good cut of beef to use for your homemade beef jerky.
the best food dehydraator for beef jelks is on top of a white plate
3 Options for The Best Food Dehydrator For Beef Jerky
If you like to eat beef jerky, have you thought about getting the best food dehydrator for beef jerky? It’s not something that everyone has at home, but I find that it truly makes a difference in making jerky.
an advertisement for a healthy treat that you need to try out in the store and eat it
Salmon Jerky Is The Healthy Treat You Need [Recipe]
Salmon jerky is somewhere between candied salmon and smoked salmon, except healthier. Salmon is already a healthy choice for fish, full of omega 3 and antioxidants, which are all great for your body. You can now make this jerky at home without much problem.
the cover of ground chicken italian seasoning that works every time, with oranges and lemons in the background
Ground Chicken Italian Seasoning That Works Every Time [Recipe]
This ground chicken Italian seasoning is perfect for any dish, including turkey! You can use it whenever you need to make a quick but tasty dinner. You can make this blend at home without much effort and save it for later too.
the book cover for make this classic beef jervy, with an image of sliced beef
Make This Classic Beef Jerky That Rocks [Recipe]
Try This Classic Beef Jerky For A Healthy Snack Any Time
an advertisement for grilled beef with limes and garlic on the side next to it
Spice It Up With This Chili Lime Beef Jerky [Recipe]
This Chili Lime Beef Jerky Is The Perfect Spicy Snack
the cover of ground beef jelky for high protein snack
Ground Beef Jerky For A High-Protein Snack [Recipe]
Want to learn how to make beef jerky at home? Try this homemade ground beef jerky recipe with a classic beef jerky marinade you'll love. This easy dehydrator beef jerky recipe is perfect as a game night snack and is a great way to preserve meat. | More homemade jerky recipes at #dryingfoods #dehydratorrecipes #beefjerkymarinaderecipe
the apricot fruit leather is the perfect summer snack
This Apricot Fruit Leather is the Perfect Summer Snack [Recipe]
Looking for healthy snacks for kids? Try making this easy apricot fruit leather that is basically a fruit roll-up copycat recipe! Made from pure ingredients, this is a great candy alternative that will help stop junk food cravings. | More fruit leather recipes at #fruitleatherrecipes #fruitleatherintheoven #dryingfruits #apricotrecipes #apricotdesserts
banana leather recipe on a plate next to bananas
Try This Banana Leather For A Tasty Treat Any Time of Day [Recipe]
Looking for healthy snacks for kids? Try making this easy banana fruit leather that is basically a fruit roll-up copycat recipe! Made from whole ingredients, this is a great candy alternative that will help stop junk food cravings. | More fruit leather recipes at #fruitleatherrecipes #fruitleatherintheoven #dryingfruits #bananarecipes
this pineapple leather is the sweet treat you need to try - product cover image
This Pineapple Leather Is The Sweet Treat You Need To Try [Recipe]
Here's a little sweet treat for you to try making at home: Pineapple Leather. This recipe offers you the sweet goodness of traditional fruit leather that you can enjoy whenever you feel snacky. It's easy to make, and you'll be able to serve a healthy dessert or sweet snack instantly. | Discover more baking recipes at #easyrecipe #dessertrecipes #fruitleatherrecipes #foodpreservationideas #DIY
the cover of ground turkey jerky for a protein packed snack, with text overlay
Ground Turkey Jerky For A Protein-Packed Snack [Recipe]
This homemade ground turkey jerky is the handy, high-protein food you need after your usual workout routine or simply whenever you want a snack. This easy recipe will let you enjoy a tasty snack anytime you want to.| Discover more baking recipes at #easyrecipe #asparagus #foodpreservationideas #DIY
an image of try this eggplant jelky with the title looking for a healthy snack?
Looking For A Healthy Snack? Try This Eggplant Jerky [Recipe]
It's not unusual, it's unique! This eggplant jerky recipe will be your new daily source of healthy snack. Give it a try and you'll be surprised how tasty it can be. For a healthier snack alternative you can easily whip up at home, check out this recipe now. | Discover more baking recipes at #easyrecipe #asparagus #foodpreservationideas #DIY #vegetarianjerky
an image of red peppers with the words, dehydrated sweet peppers are perfect for today
Dehydrated Sweet Peppers Are Perfect For Today [Recipe]
Want to learn how to dry peppers using the dehydrator? Try this easy dehydrated bell peppers recipe that will definitely preserve your sweet pepper harvest and avoid food waste. | More food dehydrator recipes at #dehydratorrecipes #dryingpeppers #dehydratedfood
this tasty mushroom jerk is the healthy snack to try
This Tasty Mushroom Jerky Is The Healthy Snack To Try [Recipe]
Learn how to make vegan jerky with this easy mushroom jerky recipe that's both tasty and healthy. This vegan jerky recipe is made from portobello mushroom but you can also substitute it with other mushrooms you have on hand such as cremini or shiitake. This also is made in the oven so it doesn't require any other cooking equipment such as dehydrators or air fryers. | Discover more about freezing at #dryingfoods #dryingrecipes