Horse Body Work

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the horse's muscles are highlighted in this diagram, and it is also labeled
an image of a horse labeled in the body
An Introduction to Your Horse’s Conformation
a diagram of the parts of a horse
Andis - UltraEdge steel blade
the horse's anatomy is shown in this graphic above it are diagrams for each part of the body
Vitals & Anatomy
an image of a horse's parts labeled in english
endorphin release points – From The Saddle
a woman is touching the nose of a horse in an enclosure with text overlay that reads, 10 easy horse stretches that you need to try
How to Stretch a Horse
an advertisement for the equesttica care website with horses in different poses and colors
the instructions for how to teach horses in 6 minutes or less with pictures and text below
6 hind leg stretches
a man is petting a horse in an indoor arena with the caption'a during bodywork '
My Horse Journey on Instagram: "🤭need to get away from humans this holiday? Try this move! ⏰ watch through to see how to incorporate breath into a BodyWork move ✨you can just stretch the leg if the ‘pin and stretch’ is to advanced 🫁 breath in on flexion/release, exhale on extension/stretch 👉🏼watch till end to see how the simple act of setting the leg down yield’s significant and advanced impacts on the horses wellness. ❓Dm or comment with questions/ clarifications 🙌🏼 these are short clips from hours of training we do, so lacking context 😩such is life in the ‘reel world’ lol 🦄hope you can find some gems in these clips that will actually help you and the horses 💜"
a woman standing next to a brown horse
My Horse Journey on Instagram: "🤔 how to help the horse that doesn’t ‘like’ touch? 👉🏼we demo extensively on ‘green’ horses, and a horse that is prone to nervousness and brace around humans! ✅ all horses love to release tension, so how to we help them?💡mix in BodyWork with stuff you already do, make it fun and free of brace ✨we have hours of training on bodywork from the ABC’s to advanced maneuvers AND therapeutic groundwork🙌🏼 enrolling NOW in Foundations of Attunement 🌟join us in this one of a kind coaching program where BodyWork is just one of MANY practical, actionable subjects we teach"
the different types of foot feces and their corresponding feet are shown in this diagram