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the vase is sitting on the ground next to some flowers
RESERVED for Jennifer | Etsy
three suspended lights in the middle of a dark room
Kheops par Maxime Lagny - Journal du Design
Maxime Lagny travaille chez N+S Architectes, où il mêle urbanisme, architecture et design intérieur. À côté de son travail, il vient de finaliser un luminaire qui se suspend ou se pose, nommé Kheops. Pourvue d’une structure pyramidale en bois de hêtre, imprimée en 3D, la lampe protège et sanctifie la source de lumière. Ce luminaire a 2 utilisations: il peut être utilisé comme éclairage d’accentuation ou comme lampe d’appoint. Sa forme pyramidale est inspirée de l’Egypte ancienne.
three black and gold pendant lights hanging from a dark ceiling with no one in the room
How To Decorate With Lava Stone
How To Decorate With Lava Stone
five lights hanging from the ceiling in a dark room
Nothing found for Milan 2005 Studiofrederikroij%c3%a9
Lampscapes by Dutch designer Frederik Roijé
an odd looking object with holes in it's outer half and eyes on the outside
Lamps : Heather Levine Ceramics
a living room with a couch and a fire place
The Ojai Guide | Goop
Things to do and where to stay in Ojai, California: Ojai Rancho Inn.
a white and brown ceramic light hanging from a rope with holes on it's side
Ceramics - Cute Pottery and Earthenware
22 Gorgeous Ceramic Pieces With MAJOR Charm #refinery29 Lawnson-Fenning Heather Levine Ceramic Lighting, $1,350, available at Lawson-Fenning....
a chandelier made out of old lamps hanging from it's ceiling,
Heather Levine Multi-Pendant Chandelier
heather levine ceramics | Heather Levine Multi-Pendant Chandelier image 3
six hanging lights made out of metal and wood with holes in the middle, on white background Lamps : Heather Levine Ceramics. Many other amazing designs on website!