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a man sitting in front of a laptop computer with his chin resting on his hand
Executive Manager
Working under pressure and being able to display excellent leadership skills are just some of the key skills you need to be an Executive #Manager. Learn more quick facts about the role here.
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Event Planner
From #weddings, conferences and fundraisers, the role as an Event Planner is never boring! Check out some of the key skills you need to be successful in the role and the expected salary range you'd fit into.
a woman sitting at a table talking on her cell phone and holding a pen in her hand
Administration Manager
If you have excellent communication skills and are meticulous when it comes to maintaining records and other #clerical duties, a career as an Administration Manager could be a rewarding role if these skills play to your current strengths.
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Insurance Broker
Having strong analytical skills and a sound understanding of finance and mortgage concepts are good to have as an #Insurance Broker. Find out why here.
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Accounts Supervisor
If you're interested in managing budgets and #financial matters, and looking into a role that has stable growth, check out the key skills required to be an Accounts Supervisor here.
a man and woman standing next to each other holding a clipboard in their hands
Regional Manager
Want to work in the #retail space and take up a management position? The role of Regional Manager offers many exciting responsibilities that can help make the most of your combined people and problem-solving skills.
two women sitting at a desk working on a keyboard and mouse, with one woman in the background
Help Desk Team Leader
A Help Desk Team Leader ensures that all computer-related issues are dealt with promptly and effectively. They also require to have data #computer and people and management skills. For further information on this job role, visit our website.
a man in an apron is using a tablet
Small Business Owner
Want to open up your own cafe some day, or perhaps run a business in a niche market? Having a grasp at making important decisions and excellent communication skills could make you a Small Business Owner. Learn more about its study pathways here.
a woman sitting in front of a laptop talking on the phone
Event Sales Coordinator
Honing your leadership skills and being able to exhibit excellent #customer service are all important to have when you're an Event Sales Coordinator. Take the time and learn about the key facts of the job role and what career pathways you can take here.
a man sitting at a desk with a calculator and pen
IT Administrator
Do you identify as a creative thinker who has a strong ability to solve problems? IT Administrators are responsible for the smooth running of computer and network systems. Learn why this is a stable occupation in the #IT field here:
a person working on a laptop with social icons above it and other symbols surrounding them
Human Resources Manager
Already working in the #HR field but want to step up a notch in a management role? Learn more about the key skills and study pathways that can help you achieve the role as Human Resources Manager here.
a piggy bank sitting next to keys on top of a desk
Mortgage Broker
As a Mortgage Broker, you will be responsible for working with your clients to assess what home loans suit them in accordance to their financial circumstances. Explore your #study options today on how you can become a Mortgage Broker.
a group of people running down a street with trees in the backgrouds
Event Planner
Love the idea of planning a wedding or a charity #fundraiser? As an Event Planner, you get to use your excellent organisation and administrative skills to plan events for clients within their ideal budget and more.
several people are drawing with colored pencils on a piece of paper that has arrows drawn on it
Program Manager
If you can multitask and have a passion for leading a team to help achieve #project goals, then being a Program Manager could be the right job for you. Learn more about what courses you can study with us to help you carve a career in Program Management.
two women are looking at a computer screen
Network Security Engineer
Making important decisions while using your high-level technical skills are your main responsibilities as a Network Security #Engineer. Are you keen to learn more about what this career option entails? Our website provides a snapshot summary here.