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Red Clover Benefits, Edible Wild Plants, Red Clover, Healing Plants, Natural Healing Remedies, Herbal Healing, Skin Hair, Natural Therapy
How Red Clover Benefits Your Health, Uses, And Dosage
pink flowers with the words peony moisting lotion bar recipe
Recipe for Peony Body Moisturizing Lotion Bar
This DIY homemade peony lotion body bar recipe is so easy and makes the best lotion body bar from beautiful peony petals. Using it on your skin makes it feel soft and silky! These lotion bars are great for dry skin, irritated skin or itchy skin and good for all skin types. The diy peony lotion bar can be used as massage bars for rough elbows and knees and do not have a greasy feel.
pink peony salve recipe with text overlay
Recipe for Peony Salve – All Natural Products
This recipe for how to make peony salve is an easy-to-make useful flower salve. Making salves from flowers, herbs and other medicinal plants and weeds is a fun beneficial activity. This salve made from peonies has many benefits for the skin.
purple nettle salve recipe in a metal bowl
How to Make Purple Dead Nettle Salve – Recipes for Foraging
This article will tell you how to make purple dead nettle salve, which has so many uses. Purple dead nettle is a common weed and can be found all over.
two pictures, one of a comfrey flower, and one of comfrey sprouting after transplanting Permaculture, Comfrey Plant, Herbal Garden, Ornamental Garden, Herbal Plants, Natural Fertilizer, Perennial Herbs, Alternative Healing, Propagating Plants
Comfrey is a perennial herb, grown for use as an ornamental garden plant with many beneficial uses. The plant has a long history of use in herbal medicine, as well as use as a natural fertilizer. Learn how to propagate comfrey, and multiply the comfrey plants in your herb garden.
some herbs are on a wicker tray with the words, magnetic mugwort the mother of herbs
The Magic of Mugwort, the Mother of Herbs
Mugwort Recipes, Smokeable Herbs, Feminine Herbs, Dried Mugwort, Herbs For Witchcraft, Smokable Herbs, Herbs And Their Uses, Herbal Living
Smoking Mugwort: Dance with the Divine Feminine |Classes
there is a plant hanging from the ceiling
Considered an herb of the moon, mugwort is an ally to dreamwork, divination, and the female reproductive system
an image of a plant with white flowers and the words,'mywot '
Mugwort: A Magical and Medicinal Weed