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two white sheep in a fenced area with one laying on top of the other
Pig feeder
three pigs drinking water out of a trough
Made some pig feeders today so I can feed the pigs from outside the pen.
a woman standing next to three wooden dog houses made out of metal tubes and plywood
Pig Arks - The Accidental Smallholder
a dog house made out of wood with a blue roof and shingles on top
New Pig House
two sheep in a fenced off area next to a building
Hog Shelter | Pig farming, Pig pen, Hog farm
an animal laying on top of hay next to a metal container filled with hay and straw
How To Build A Pig Shelter - Shaye Elliott
a person is using a tool to fix a bucket
Rodent Proof Air tight Livestock Chicken Pet Feed Storage Bin and Dispenser