She of WestCoast Revivals - petrol blue, turquoise and teak.
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an artistic sculpture made out of wood and metal
Retro Renovation Breaking News: New midcentury modern Samba exterior door hardware from Rejuvenation - Retro Renovation
You read it here first: On Monday Feb. 13 Rejuvenation will be officially launching their new Samba doorset escutcheon. But I saws the catalog posting Friday, jumped on it and posted the first photos last night. This morning, I got these fullsize photos from the PR department, along with some additional info. According to Rejuv, …
a room with blue walls and a painting on the floor next to a table full of books
Archives — The Marion House Book
When artfully displayed, a corner or nook makes for great book storage.
a living room with green walls and white rugs on the floor, two chairs in front of a wooden cabinet
9 Designers Share Their Favorite Colorful Living Rooms
a bedroom with blue walls and green plants on the bed, next to a plant
Green And Blue Decor
a room with a desk, chair and bookshelf
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Explore pre-pandemic Quito virtually in The Trip
a blue and white rug with fringes on it's edges, in the shape of an eye
Mara Hoffman Launches Anthropologie Home Decor