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two pictures with the words, what to do after orchid blooms fall? cutting silk & after care
What to do After Phalaenopsis Blooms Fall? Cutting Spike & Aftercare
The flowers of our orchid should not last forever, they dry and fall naturally one after another. Now the orchid begins to grow, to produce new leaves and roots, and even to grow in size. Transplanting is a must if you haven't already done so and water and fertilizers should be a priority. With these elements, light shade and protection from direct sun, as well as intermediate temperatures, ensure that your orchid grows normally and has a great chance of blooming. Cutting off the top of the...
three pots with pink flowers are hanging on a wall next to a garden rake and flower pot holder
FLAT SHIPPING! Farmhouse Rustic Garden Tool Planters Plant Pots
"Rustic Garden Tool Planters Create a unique display of your favorite plants with this Rustic Garden Tool Planter. You can hang it on a wall or fence or lean it against a garden structure. Two pots are suspended along the tool's shaft. Choose from brown or white pots. Made from Metal Measurements: Tool, 5-1/2\"W x 32-1/2\"L Pots, 5\"W x 4-3/4\"D x 3-3/4\"H, each Assembly required; assembly hardware included Ready to hang after your finishing touch and/or embellishments. NOTE: SOME OF OUR ITEMS A
three potted plants with vines in them
Small Rustic Tower Pot Trellis [JER81090] - $20.00
a potted planter sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a tree
Sometimes...You Just Don't Love It!
an iron trellis with white flowers growing on it's sides in front of a stone wall
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