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black and white photograph of the statue of liberty in front of cloudy sky with clouds
This black & white digital pastel depicts a statue that I imagined as the Queen of the Night. Powerful but peaceful, she walks down the valley unfurling the quiet night from her gown. In this drawing I explored the use of multiple pencil sizes. The clouds were roughed in with a digital pencil point about four analog inches wide. Detail was developed with progressively smaller pencils, ending with a two pixel pencil. 32 x 42.5” Available on
an artistic painting of flowers and plants in black and white
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"Acquarella" is an immersive art sculpture built in virtual reality using textures drawn digitally in real life. It portrays an underwater wonderland full of lacey plants and beautiful fish. This original installation expanded into a machinima (shown at the Shanghai World's fair in 2010); then a full sim installation in Inworldz for awhile; and at last was resurrected on my sim in InWorldz as "Acquarella Rising." The image is printed on canvas. 14 x 21"
an abstract image of two butterflies flying in the air, one is green and the other is blue
safar art works inwz
safar art works InWorldz