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While there are many different opportunities for anglers in the Rapid City region, this list includes some of the best that the area has to offer! #visitrapidcity #fishing
Add a Little Fishing to Your Black Hills Vacation
While there are many different opportunities for anglers in the Rapid City region, this list includes some of the best that the area has to offer! #visitrapidcity #fishing
From thrilling moments at Bear Country USA to much loved pool time at WaTiki Waterpark, the Rapid City area is chock-full of family-friendly fun! 🙌 #visitrapidcity #familyvacation Country, Summer, Summer Family, South Dakota, Vacation, Plan Your Trip, Trip, Water Park, Pool
A Well Spent Family Summer Vacation in Rapid City
From thrilling moments at Bear Country USA to much loved pool time at WaTiki Waterpark, the Rapid City area is chock-full of family-friendly fun! 🙌 #visitrapidcity #familyvacation
two people holding a large snake in their hands with the caption, discovering why families love reptile gardens
One of the Top Rated Family-Friendly Attractions in the Black Hills
Snakes, frogs, lizards and bugs. 🦎 We get it. To some it might not sound like the most appealing line-up, but if you skip out on a visit to Reptile Gardens, you’ll regret it. Although they do have a large variety of the above, their are also turtles, birds, prairie dogs, and some of the most beautiful displays of flowers in the area, making it an enjoyable visit for all. #visitrapidcity
a bison and a man with a backpack in the wild
There’s so much more than what’s below the surface, spend a day taking in the splendor of Wind Cave.
Protected since 1903, Wind Cave National Park was the first national park dedicated to a cave. It is known as being one of the most complex cave systems in the world and houses 90% of the world’s unique cave formation known as Boxwork. However, the cave isn’t all that astonishes people during a visit to this national park. On the surface of Wind Cave National Park, visitors are met with an abundance of natural beauty and things to do. #visitrapidcity #windcavenationalpark
a man walking down a road with the words 3 fun free things to do in rapid city
Your list of free things to in Rapid City and the Black Hills
We are firm believers that the best vacations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and that the words fun and free aren’t a thing of the past. In our area, there’s plenty of amazing free places to experience that might just be the highlight of your vacation. So, in no particular order, here are 33 free things you can do in Rapid City and the Black Hills. #visitrapidcity
a colorful hot air balloon flying in the sky with text that reads, take a flight above the black hills
Take Flight with One of the Oldest Balloon Companies in America to View the Black Hills
Picture yourself floating in the basket of a balloon, endless sky above, and an impressive landscape rolling out below for as far as the eye can see. Here’s what you need to know about a tour with Black Hills Balloons. #visitrapidcity
Float Above the Black Hills of South Dakota
Did you know that the country’s longest standing balloon company calls the Black Hills home? Black Hills Balloons has soared over the Southern Black Hills for over 70 years now. While there are many ways to explore the Black Hills, there’s nothing that quite measures up the panoramic views from the basket of a hot air balloon. Floating about the untamed landscapes of our area, you’ll be mesmerized by the brilliant South Dakota sky and the stillness of the Black Hills. #visitrapidcity
two people carrying a paddle board to the waters edge at a lake in the Black Hills National Forest Destinations, Acre
4 Ways to Spend A Day in the Black Hills National Forest
Stretching over one million acres, the Black Hills National Forest encompasses many of our area’s well-known destinations like Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial®, Wind Cave National Park and more. And while each of those locations deserve their own visit, we highly recommend giving at least a day for the beauty of the Black Hills National Forest to really shine. #visitrapidcity #blackhillsnationalforest
Top 6 Rules For Trail Use In The Black Hills
The beauty and proximity of the Black Hills has always been a highlight for many that visit Rapid City. Help us make sure it stays that way for generations to come by doing your part and following these simple rules. #visitrapidcity #leavenotrace #blackhillsnationalforest
a woman standing on top of a rock with the words black hills written below her
How to Hike Responsibly
It’s important to remember that nature isn’t just there for our enjoyment. Treat it with respect by being a responsible hiker so we can continue to take in its wonders for years to come! Here are some rules to follow to be mindful of your surroundings, while also ensuring your own safety.
Looking for Things to Do in the Black Hills?
If you haven’t heard about Rush Mountain Adventure Park yet, we're glad you’ve found this blog. It’s the perfect stop for those adventure seekers looking for entertainment. At this one attraction you can go on a fascinating tour of Rushmore Cave, soar high on an exciting zipline, compete in a series of 7-D shoot out games, test your agility on an above ground obstacle course, cruise down a scenic mountain on a coaster, and even partake in some gemstone mining! #visitrapidcity #blackhills
entrance to rushmore cave located at rush mountain adventure park in the black hills of south dakota Adventure, Entertaining, Park, Mountain
How to Plan for the Perfect Visit to this Off the Beaten Path Attraction
Bored of the beaten path? Discover the hidden gem of entertainment that is Rush Mountain Adventure Park. Tucked into a gorgeous nook outside of Keystone, this fun-filled attraction offers a variety of ways to spend a thrill-filled day. Here’s everything you need to know for your visit. #visitrapidcity #blackhills #thingstodo
Witness the Creation of Black Hills Gold Jewelry
Black Hills Gold Jewelry is one of the most unique jewelry collections you’ll ever encounter. With itsd rich history, elegant designs, and eye-catching colors, it’s no wonder it has been a sought-out South Dakota souvenir since its creation in 1874. You can go behing the scenes to watch the intricate process with a free factory tour at Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold Jewelry in Rapid City, SD! #visitrapidcity #blackshillsgold #howitsmade
bronze statue of john quincy adams in downtown rapid city, sd Tours, History, Statue, Presidents, Rapid City Sd, American, City
19 Recommended Stops to Tour Rapid City, SD Like a President
Home to the largest collection of life-sized bronze president statues, called the City of Presidents, Rapid City is the perfect place to refresh on history and learn something new about past American leaders. Tour all 43 statues and then head to these recommend stops to tour our city like a president would.
16 Surprising Things Rapid City is Known For
Our city is surrounded by well known memorials and national parks like the four famous faces of Mount Rushmore, but there are a few surprising things within the city that you might already know about. #visitrapidcity #hifromsd #vacation