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there are many people in the audience with one man holding his hand out to another person
"That was the best play you've made all night!"...loved this!
two people laying in bed and one is talking to each other with the caption that says
two people talking to each other in front of a tv screen with the caption daddy, that was pete from fall out boy
One Tree Hill w/ Pete Wentz
the young man and woman are talking to each other
Love Quotes
I used to miss you so much.
an older man in uniform with the caption that reads, there's no shame in
Fuck Yeah One Tree Hill Caps
It's kind of sad that I relate one tree hill quotes to my life.
a man and woman standing next to each other
#brooke #brookedavis #oth #lucas #lucasscott #brucas #otp #ishipit #onetreehill #chadmichaelmurray #sophiabush @oxmariieee
the vampire movie scene with text that reads, i don't know what it is
brooke, love, lucas, one tree hill, oth, rain
I'm NOT a Brooke & Lucas fan. But this is my fav love speech <3
two people standing in the rain with one holding an umbrella and the other saying, we're both gon get phromma but if you need to hear why i love you
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One Tree Hill
two people sitting at a table in front of a microphone with the caption that says, they've had hearts to each other uncontily and that what true love really is
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Unconditional Love..One Tree Hill! Love it
the fault between two people is shown in this scene from twilight, which features an image of
The Essential Ranking Of All 52 Characters From "One Tree Hill"
Jake Jagielski | The Essential Ranking Of All 52 Characters From "One Tree Hill" he wasn't in the show long enough :'(
an image of a basketball player in the middle of a game with other people watching
One Tree Hill