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the words write bravely with these author minds hacks on top of a purple background
Write Bravely with These Author Mindset Hacks
It's the year to write your book! In this must-watch interview, experienced book coaches share their top strategies for cultivating unshakeable author confidence. Overcome imposter syndrome, write with purpose, and bring your transformative book to life. If you're ready to make your author dreams a reality, this is a conversation you won't want to miss! #writingtips #writinghacks #confidencebuilding #authorconfidence
an image of writing resources with the title, essential guide for writing research and how to write
Fiction Writing Resources, Tools and Products - The Busy Writer's Notebook
Here are my favourite Writing Resources and Tools to Help Improve Your Writing Skill Set. This list includes all my favourite writing tools to help improve your fiction writing, be it short stories, novels, or screenplays. #writingtips #writingadvice #writing #amwriting
two hands holding up tablet computers with the words un - publish yes or no?
Unpublish: Yes or No? Please Read This Before You Decide
Are you considering unpublishing a book? Before you do something you’ll regret, read this. You might change your mind. #Writers #Books #WritingCommunity
the ultimate guide to outlining your novel with text overlay that reads, the ultimate guide to outlining your novel
The Ultimate Guide to Outlining Your Novel
Are you a plotter or a pantser? One of the most common reasons writers give up on outlining is that it feels difficult and confusing. Outlining is important and it doesn't have to be painful. Here's the ultimate guide to EASY novel outlining. #noveloutline #nanowrimo #writingtips #writingbooks
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words how to write effective description
How to write effective description
How much description should you put in a story? What should you describe, and what should you ignore? And how do you make description more engaging? This blog explores all of these points and more to make your story shine.
a person typing on an old typewriter with the words essential writing courses for career fiction writer holly's writing classes
Holly's Writing Classes: Everything You Need to Know
Holly's Writing Classes: the essential writing courses for fiction writers who want to write for a living. In this post, I lay out all her available courses and what they entail. Check out her FREE flash fiction writing class to start. #amwriting #writing
A French waiter serves a customer who has unusual tastes and demands. This story by Kathy Steinemann is a #reprint from Tiny Moments Volume III. #FlashFiction
Inhumanity: Flash Fiction: A One-Minute Tidbit of Life
A French waiter serves a customer who has unusual tastes and demands. This story by Kathy Steinemann is a #reprint from Tiny Moments Volume III. #FlashFiction
a woman sitting in front of a pile of books with the words are you sure you want to be a writer?
Are You Sure You Want to Be a Writer?
Having second thoughts on if you can finish that book or not? These 5 questions will tell you if you're ready to be a writer. Read them at the blog. 🩵 #writingtips #writersblock #writingabook #novelwriting #creativemindset
an open book with the title 10 awesome first line writing prompts
10 Awesome First Line Prompts for Writers - The Busy Writer's Notebook
10 Awesome First Line Prompts for Writers. Here are 10 awesome first-liners from favourite novels and children's books, to spark your writing mind. #writingprompts #writingtips
a pink flower with the words how fiction helps you write a better non fiction book
How Fiction Helps You Write a Better Nonfiction Book
Writing a book to get your message out, strengthen your name and brand in your niche, and bring in more clients? Here's a fun trick for you: Nonfiction shares far more DNA with fiction than anyone ever talks about, and you can use it to your advantage. Click through to learn how you can apply fiction techniques to your nonfiction book to make it even better and help your readers get even more out of it! #goalsetting #reachinggoals #bookwriting #womenempowerment
an open book and wine glass on a blanket with the words create a logline for your novel do it first & it makes writing easier
Create a Logline for Your Novel (Do It First& It Makes Writing Easier!)
When people ask "What's your book about?" does your answer involve a lot of ums and ahs? Because if it does, you need a novel logline first. Here's how. #novelwriting #writeanovel #amwriting #writingtips
a woman doing yoga in front of trees and bushes with the words, the queen guru with eva langston
Write a Stand-Out Query Letter & Get a Query Critique - Eva Langston
a person sitting next to a test tube with the words redundancy quiz
Redundancy Quiz #39 for Writers: Can You Score 100%?
Rather than augment writing, redundancies slow action scenes and increase your word count. Can you find the extraneous words in quiz 39? #Words #WritingTips
someone writing on a notepad with the words what stories are mine to tell?
What Stories Are Mine to Tell? - Marisa Mohi
Struggling to find what you can share with the world and what to keep quiet? Here's how I determine what stories are mine to tell.
the free word count tracker is an excellent way to help students practice their writing skills
FREE Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet | Mel Lee-Smith
FREE Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet | Mel Lee-Smith